Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sami is exploding!

Errr. Excuse me... Her LANGUAGE is exploding right now. Sorry if you thought she will explode!

For the last few weeks, her vocabulary grew literally overnight. Her signing is becoming more refined and she can now ask for specific things instead of trying to gesture and throwing fits. She likes to mimic voices and learn new signs as she talks.

She's also SO into Hello Kitty stuff. The other day, we were walking through Kohl's and she saw Hello Kitty dining set (plate, cup, fork, spoon, etc.) and she grabbed it and wouldn't let it go. I had to bribe her to leave (cookie? come here, you want cookie? come here...). I know, I'm a bad mommy... But that's the only way to get her to leave the store quietly.

Today, we went to a dollar store (they got money from grandma). And Sami saw a chair, and absolutely won't let it go. It was only a dollar, and may only last 2 hours, but hey. It was her dollar.

After bringing the chair home, I took a closer look at it. AH-HA... that's why!!!! The characters printed on the chair reminds me of Hello Kitty again.  Don't ya think?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I lost weight!

I lost weight!

Guess where....


Another check! Let's keep it up.

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