Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Reasons I love Olympia:
1. Close to the ocean
2. Small town, easy to get around
3. Trader Joe's
4. Waterstreet Grill
5. Sand in The City
6. Lake Fair
7. Art Walks
8. Pet parade
9. Taste of the Market
10. Farmers market
11. Beaches
12. Quiet neighborhood
13. Awesome Christmas bazaars
14. Hertiage fountain
15. Thai Garden
16. Mild weather
17. Great job
18. Great friends
19. Great family
20. Not toooo far from more great families
21. Great hubby and kids
22. Tasha Nicole
23. Wagners
24. Tea Lady and Wind up Toys
25. Drees
26. Drive thru Starbucks
27. Drive thru bank that has awesome stickers for my kids
28. Big Tom's
29. Great babysitters
30. Movie theaters that has captions
31. Free movies for kids in summers
32. Free lunches for kids in summers
33. Mall playground
34. Not so much traffic
35. My kids were born here
36. Antique shops
37. Archibald sisters
38. Popinjays and Compass Rose
39. Scholastic book fairs
40. Big Lots and dollar stores
41. Peppers Mexican restaurant
42. Priest Point Park
43. Tumwater Falls
44. Old brewery
45. Historical districts
46. Normas for breakfast
47. Ranch House BBQ
48. Views at Bayview Thriftway
49. Has an Automall
50. Cost Plus Imports
51. Phoneix Inn
52. Annnnddd MEEEEEE!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disney Princesses -- GO AWAY

Now I'm officially insane.

I have whole summer to actually think about Abby's upcoming birthday (Sept 3)... I have more time on my hands so I have time to be on a quest for specific things for her birthday.

I went store to store looking for specific cake toppers. I MAY just give up and buy a castle cake from the food store that Abby wanted. It depends.

Blah... I'm sick of Disney Princesses now.

Other updates??

Let's see, Sami is cutting 5 teeth right now. But she's being a good sport. She's about 25 pounds, and Abby is about 33 pounds. So, Sami is really catching up to Abby! I won't be surprised if in few years, they'll be about the same size.

I go back to work on September 8. That's about 3 weeks from now. Yikes. I hate myself because I didn't really do ANYTHING this summer. I am BUSY but on the other hand, I felt like my time wasn't used wisely. No camping. Little swimming. Most of our time is spent at home, playing with dolls, puzzles, movies (Yes, DISNEY ONES!), and didnt' really take adventage of the nice weather. Back of my head, it's because I don't want to expose them too much sun and packing up a preschooler and a toddler in a car is well, rigious activity itself. I get worn out fast. And timing our trips between their naps / cranky moments. It was just easier to stay home.

Ooooohhh welllllll.... Maybe it'll be easier next summer.

Should go and clean up a bit.
Lall la la la la