Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Psst... Hello... Are you still there?

1. Jon's birthday's this Thursday, July 2... pssst... (he'll be 35... shhhhh!)
2. My sis's 15th wedding anniversary is tomorrow! WOW.
3. 4th of July -- No plans, probably stay home and have a nice BBQ and listen to fireworks all around us, and oh yeah, trying to keep Trigger calm.
4. Sunday, we're going to Church to see Abby's camp's performance.
5. Probably take Abby to see a free movie at the movie theater on Tuesday, "Horton Hears A Who." Did anyone see it? Was it good?
6. Still addicted to my iPhone and all the cool apps.
7. Trying to declutter but it's hopeless. *(see #11 and #12)
8. Need to see friends more often. I'm getting tired of staring into Trigger's big brown eyes.
9. Baked sugar cookies today.
10. Wished for rain.
11. Sami's going through a rough patch with FOUR molars coming in.
12. Sami is just getting over her bad, bad, bad heat rash.
13. Kept getting lame movies from Netflix.
14. No new magazines in the mail yet.
15. Vowed to cut down on TV viewing during the day.
16. Wants to go outside more often but can't.
17. Because I have severe grass pollen allergy.
18. Delaying calling the doctor for allergy meds.
19. Vowed to not shop so much.
20. Enjoying my new car, zoom-zoom.
21. Addicted to watching "I Love Lucy."
22. Had to explain to Abby why "I Love Lucy" has no color...
23. Looking forward to staying at a hotel in Westport and spend the day at the car show with my family in July.
24. Abby's friend will have a birthday party -- a pool party -- Me in a swimsuit? ACK!!!
25. Kept finding Abby sleeping in our bed when we go to bed.
26. It's priceless when I sneak in a nap now and then when my kids are sleeping.
27. Hopes I still have my job next fall.
28. Kept forgetting to water the plants.
29. Wants to go for good long walks but see #17.
30. I think I'm finished for now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Been falling behind on my blogging. I know couple folks who stopped blogging (yes, YOU!)

Anyway, I've been pretty busy wrapping things up at school, cleaning up, having a sympathy ear, and working on finding a full-time childcare for my girls next fall.


Ahem... I am really enjoying our new car. We drove to Aberdeen today, and had lunch at Top Foods (tradition for us), and played at the playground nearby, then drove home. Sami wasn't very happy on our way home. I suspect another molar is popping in. She has three coming in at the same time.

Abby's doing good. She just visited her friend yesterday and played ALL day. She is SO into Disney Princesses, and Fairies. I think for her 4th birthday cake, it'll be "Tinkerbell" theme.

Hmm what else? Not much though... Ok, off to bed I go! Hi-Oh!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Voicing for me

I found a wonderful 'app' on my iPhone tonight!!!

"Type To Talk."

I can type anything (in English, of course) and press 'done' and my iPhone will voice out what I typed.

"I want menu number 67 with no tomatoes." etc....

Awesome!!!!! So if I meet someone I need to talk to but he/she doesn't understand me. I can type and have them listen to my speaker phone.

If only, it could also work the other way... (sighs)... Ha, instead of "talk to the hand," I would say, "talk to this!" (holding up the phone to their faces.) who knows. Maybe someone out there is working on it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mazda 5!

Jon brought home a new car! Our 2001 Ford Escape was getting old. Well, it still ran perfectly, but I was tired of it... I wanted a car that can fit more passengers. Our Ford only can seat 4 with two massive babyseats.

This one! It's a MINI-MINI VAN! Or my friend just called it Mini (squared)!

A Mazda 5!!!

If you don't know what it is-- Google it up.

It's compact, which is good for a short person like me, and good for everyday commuting. Good for small kids. (which is PERFECT right now)

It's dark, dark blue with black leather seats. Seat warmers. Powered windows, locks, cruise control, A/C, 6 CD player (Yay!), automatic temperature control, and so on, and on and on...

It can seat 6 people. Sure, we lose some cargo area if we have 6 people, but hey, I don't haul 6 people everyday. It's good for occassional carpooling trips (IKEA, anyone!?)

I'm SO excited! Abby said she wants me to keep the car forever, even if it's not PINK.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hopelessly addicted

I decided to count it. No way! I counted it again.

110 Apps on my iPhone. OMG.

Scratching my head, should I delete some? But which ones? Ack...

Wait. Do this have an App? (blogger) went to check it out. Yup! .........
Now it's at 111.

I can easily play with my phone for hours and hours. I even found a hilarious video on Youtube on my phone. Go to Youtube and type in "sneezing panda".

By the way, we may buy a new car in couple days to replace our dear old beloved Ford Escape. We're thinking of a Mazda 5.

Ok, I gotta go to bed! Only 14 more school days until Summer!!!!!! Yea, baby!