Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm excited!

I just found out a friend of mine is moving CLOSER to me. YAYYY... I googled it up and she'll be living exactly 1 mile away. That is absolutely perfect.

I planned on walking more this summer. And sorry, gal, your place will be a perfect reason to go walking. (winks)

~PAUSED~ (Had to pick up Sami, plop her down in her high chair, throw some handful of Cherrios on her tray so she'll let me type some more!)

Anyway, I'm so in love with my iphone! I must have downloaded 20 free games on it. Some are meant for Abby. She can play on it too. She knows she has to be careful not to drop it (or throw it).

I even have an application on it that "will should would must" help me shed some pounds. I can keep track of foods I ate (diary) and exercises I did (log) and it'll keep track of calories I ate/burned. At dinner time, I can check and see how big dinner/dessert I can have. Last night, it showed that I can have 544 calories worth of food left. So I tweaked my dinner so I can still have my chocolate for dessert! That thing's amazing... Otherwise, I would have had a big dinner and chocolate (which will put me over the limit and gain more weight). I've been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lazy with my eating habits. I did gain a lot. (shame on me) So I'm doing something about it. Sorry, friend, I'm gonna visit at your new house often!!!!

Our back porch is all painted now! Our new deck furniture is out sitting there. It looks really good! Before, our deck was all grey and dull. Round glass tempered table with plastic white chairs, and an umbrella. NOW the deck is richer reddish-brown painted, with black sleek chairs and bench with red tropical pillows. We also have a metal box fire pit. Our backyard's pretty much complete. I just need to buy new sand for the girls' sandbox.

Sorry about the dog's butt in the picture, she just wouldn't move! I think she's proud of her booty....

Friday, April 10, 2009

2 1/2 Milestones in Less Than a Week!

We got here in Maui on Saturday afternoon...

Sunday: Sami finally decided that she wanted to roll over. She has been rolling and rolling ever since. I have a hard time keeping her down for a simple diaper change.

Wednesday: She finally decided to crawl. Discovered it is faster than butt scooting.

Today: Almost pulled herself to a standing position.

What the world is happening here? Why didn't she do that at home couple months ago? I guess the new surroundings, the excitement, the curiosity got to her and she's doing all these things.

I wouldn't be surprised if she starts walking before we leave for home!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Did I spell it right? Snorkeling? ah I just used spellchecker.

I remember very well that my friend once told me that she spent all week in Hawaii, and decided to snorkel on her last day. BIG MISTAKE. She really regretted not doing it on her first day.

So, I don't know what's the hype is about. So you see few fish, big deal.
Jon asked me if I'd like to join him snorkeling. I said, sure, why not... I don't want to be one to regret not doing it. You live once, right?

Ah! I wasn't used to it!!!!! HOW can I breathe through that tube? Will the water seep into my goggles? Again, I CAN'T BREATHE (Panic sets in).

So, I spent some of my time dunking in and out of the water. Breathing a bit longer each time. The water looked murky and brown. Yuck...

After a while, and lots of practice, I didn't think I like snorkeling...

I said, 'Where's all the fish? This is boring..."

Jon said to go where all other snorkelers are. So, I swam over to the crowd.

OH MY GOSH!!!! Yellow fish, blue fish, white with stripes, red fish... Corals, lava rocks... cobalt blue water. My breathing is doing better. I just need to remember to breathe in and out of my mouth! I'm a blonde :-)

I want to post a picture of similar sight I've seen today, I don't have an underwater camera, but this is quite close! I'M SO GOING AGAIN TOMORROW!

Our Condo in Hawaii

Hi, (or AHOLA!)

Here's our quick video capture of our common areas in the condo. More pictures soon to follow! Come back and check often.

Our plane ride was about 7 hours. The kids did pretty well. I brought lots of stuff to keep them entertained, but I didn't bring enough food. Oops. On our way back, I'll make sure they do have enough food.

We checked into our condos, then went to Costco and Safeway to stock up on food. By the time we got back, we were allllll tired. We had quick sandwiches and went to bed.

It is morning, and I haven't even went to the beach yet. Ahhhhh... It's on my To-Do list. I will let you know how it is like...