Thursday, February 19, 2009


"Okay, Abby, it's time for you to go get ready for bed."
And I found this:

And now, here's a snapshot of Sami. She's now 10 months old!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.
Let LOVE triumph over Friday the 13th!


A friend of mine recently re-posted her very first Blog, and said wow, how much have changed since then. It made me realize when was my first blog?? So, I had to look back. Interesting!

* Summer of 2007, I just started working at an elementary school that February, and this was my first summer off since I graduated from college in 1998.

* NO SAMI! I wasn't even pregnant!

* We did not have a big screen TV.

* We had an "Actual" guest room upstairs.

* Look how YOUNG Abby looked back then. She was few months shy of becoming 2.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello there...
My first blog aside from those on MySpace. I just think maybe, JUST MAYBE this will be easier to access and I won't get too distracted from other ads and profiles. Wish me luck on updating my blogs more often! You're more than welcome to encourage or gently remind me to update my blogs. :-)
Here is my sweetest picture of my hubby and
I just adore this picture so much.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

How Do I keep Track?

How do I keep track of all the hilarious stuff our kids say? I try to remember and try to write or type them down. But I forget!
Let's see.... The latest:
This mornig, I was driving the car, and Abby was in the back seat, and we just left the grocery store. She was eating some M&M's. She started coughing. Frantic, I looked at her, asking, "Are you OK? Are you OK?!?"

If someone is choking, they can't talk. So I immediately asked "WHAT' IS YOUR NAME? TELL ME NOW."
Annoyed, she piped up: "TINKERBELL!"
I know she said something cute the other day, and it's on the tip of my tongue... Aughh... Trying to recall....... Oh! I remember now!

We went to Target last week to pick out Valentines Day cards for her classmates in preschool.
She immediately found Tinkerbell ones, and wouldn't even look at others.

As I paid for the cards at the checkout counter, the cashier asked me if I wanted a bag (it's just a box of cards) so I said "Nah...." And handed the box to Abby.

On our way to the car, and as I was opening the car door, Abby looked at me and said, "I'm glad you said no to a bag." I asked why.

With the biggest grin: "Because I get to hold this box! I loooooove Tinkerbell!"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Almost There!

This is a small video of Sami attempting to crawl. Almost there!!! I tried to get the best video for it but Abby was being too helpful... Picking up toys and bringing them to her, so she doesn't need to crawl. What a nice big Sister, but Sami gotta learn at some point...! :-)

Then this second video, I thought was too cute to keep it to myself. We were at Ocean Shores and the grandparents, Sami and I were at the water. Abby was far away with daddy flying a kite, then Abby really wanted to come to the water. You could see her little legs running, and she was on a roll, that she did a quick u-turn and kept on running.