Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frozen Peas

Here I sit here with two ziploc bags full of frozen peas resting on my breasts. Jon walked by, took a double glance and chuckled.


You see, I decided to stop pumping milk. I'm so tired of pumping on a strict schedule. I don't have breaks at my work because it's all about pumping sessions. I come home with the kids and it's chaos, and I stress out because I need to pump. I get up at 2 o'clock AM, (YES, AM!) every night for the last 8 months to pump. I'm sick of it!!! Sami's 9 months old. My milk supply was steadily slowing down, so I decided it's not worth it anymore.

For the last two weeks, I've been cutting down on pumping sessions slowly... Today's the first day I went over 24 hours. And I'm in pain! AUGH.

I googled up how to get rid of engorgement pain and it said frozen peas. And also it mentioned if I went "cold turkey," I would have abrupt hormonal shift. No wonder... I was extra cranky at work. Duh...

Anyway. To describe the engorgement pain -- Imagine breaking a bone, would you want anyone or anything to bump where you broke your bone? NOOOO! It's painful. It's funny, I didn't realize how much I bump my chest until I can feel every pain. Pushing a chair, picking up Sami, hugging Abby, carrying a laundry basket.

I sure hope I feel better tomorrow. When this episode is over, I will say "Hallelujah!" because it means "FREEDOM!"

I'll have my real breaks at work.
We come home and I can focus on the girls.
SLEEP ALL NIGHT. Oh my gosh... oh my gosh... oh my gosh... A dream come true.
No more sneaking away to pump.
No more changing 5 AA batteries every 1.5 weeks.
No more washing pump parts.

I'm smiling while my boobs hurt.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Smell the Roses...

I admit it. I was FRAZZLED this morning. I was in a "rush-rush-rush" mode. Pack my lunch, pack diaper bag, dress Abby, dress Sami, feed Sami, get breakfast ready for Abby, let dog out, clean up kitchen, put bags in car, blah blah blah. I was so frazzled that I was yelling at Abby to get her shoes and coat on.

I opened the garage door and we all went to the car. Abby said something, I thought she said "dark." I said, "yes it's still dark." She was upset, and said something else. I didn't quite catch it, so I assumed "Yes, it's foggy." I couldn't understand her because I was buckling Sami in her car seat.

Abby YANKED my coat, and was very upset. I closed my eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and sunk down to Abby's level, and looked in her eyes, and asked "What?"

She said softly, "it's pretty." Pointing to the street.

It caught me off guard. Oh my gosh. It IS pretty. The fog was lingering under the streetlights, giving it a soft glow everywhere. Light yellow and pink hazy glow.

It helped me relax for a moment. Thank you, Abby. Thank you for stopping me in middle of my tracks. Thank you for making me "BREATHE." I felt better.

Kids are so smart, smarter than we all realize.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Talking to a 3 year old...

Me: How are you liking your Tinkerbell Balloon?

Abby: I love her sooooo much!

Me: Hey, I have an idea, when you go see Grandma today, tell her, "Tinkerbell is my B-F-F!"

Abby: (annoyed) NO, SHE'S TINKERBELL!

Me: I know, but B-F-F means Best Friends Forever. Tinkerbell is your friend, right?


Me: Okay, sorry. Hey, B-F-F can also mean Best FAIRY Friend... how about that?


Me: (muttering under breath) Ah, I give up. Okay, time to go get in the car.

We all walked into the COLD garage.

Abby: Tinkerbell's going down...!

Me: Uh-oh, I think she may got a hole. (Feeling the balloon)

Abby: (cries) Fix Tinkerbell.

Me: I can't... Maybe Grandpa can find the hole?

Abby: (sniffles) Let's go see Grandpa.

Me: I'm sorry.

We entered in the car, and I put the heat on full blast. By mircle, Tinkerbell balloon rised and was full of air again.

Me: Ah-ha! Tinkerbell's fine! She was just cold. She doesn't like the cold. (WHEW)

Abby: She has a hole!

Me: Looks like she doesn't. She just don't like the cold.

We arrived at grandparents' house, and got out of the car.

Tinkerbell balloon started losing air again.

Me: Hurry!!! Tinkerbell doesn't like the cold, remember!

Abby: (standing still outside, dumbfounded) Tinkerbell got a hole!

Me: No she doesn't, just take her inside, she'll be fine. (long sigh)

Of course, the balloon's fine.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Couple things...

Sami had her 9 month check-up yesterday:

*20 pounds, 4 ounces!
*27.75 inches tall.
*Everything is on target, and all looks good.
*Not crawling yet, but she's getting good at "butt scooting." She'll go from Point A to Point B without you realizing it. It's like watching water boil. It doesn't boil if you're watching it.... Sami doesn't move if you're watching her, but if you take your eyes off her for a second, there she goes!

The entire doctor stay, Sami took her shoe off, and started gnawing on it. Doctor said she can feel her fourth tooth coming in. NO shots this time! Yayyy... Her next check up will be right on her birthday. 12 months. Wow.... Time sure flies.

As for Abby, she's crazy as ever.
Today: She wanted to wear her yellow bike helmet this morning. So I let her. Later when I went to pick her up from her grandparents', my mom-in-law informed me that she wore the helmet the entire time she was in Preschool. She wouldn't take it off. She got mad when a boy came up to her and started knocking on her helmet.

Grandma bought her a big Tinkerbell mylar balloon and she's all smiles, bopping it up on the ceiling.

What else is new? We all have mild colds right now. It's nasty when Sami sneezes. Ewww! Good thing we have Kleenex nearby.

I've been religiously entering our name in the Dream Home 2009. I know it'll be a nightmare if we actually win the house (Tax, property taxes, utilities, etc!) but we can always rent it out or sell it if necessary (still profitable!). This house is in the perfect location where we'd like to live or retire to! Sonoma, WINE COUNTRY!

Anyway, I should go. Sami's cranky (cold or teething, you pick....)
Hugs to all.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Gosh, January 12th already?!
Time sure went by fast.
*Went back to work after Winter Break.
*Got into a steady routine with work, kids, and chores with no break.
*Sami is teething so she has been extra grumpy.
*Weeding out old clothes, realizing they are extra frumpy.
*Been meaning to exercise and eat healthier.
*But I seem to be getting lazier.

So, here's few pictures to keep you updated on the girls.