Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too cute.

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New art!

Go check out my other blog, I added more projects! I love winter break!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

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Another blogspot

I am creating a new blog -- solely about my craft projects I have been doing lately. And this one will be just updating my daily life thing....

Go check out my newest craft project! The mirrors-- I think I will do lots more of glass frosting. :-)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

She likes it too!

We were kinda bored this morning so I wanted to play with my new "toy" and Abby wanted to watch. Sami was taking a nap. I made a butterfly, an owl and realized I could even cut out a paper tiara! Abby became SOOOOOO excited so I tried to figure out the size for a tiara. This thing can cut anywhere from half an inch to 24 inches!
Anyway, I gave her stickers and markers to decorate her tiara.

Note her choice of stickers-- I haven't had the heart to tell her what the stickers say! :-)

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Friday, December 25, 2009

My VERY first cricut card!

Got my cricut expression!!!!!
Loooooooove it.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Is Christmas over yet?

I was so ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving began!
When Thanksgiving was over, we dragged everything out, decorated the house, put up the tree, decked the halls! Stapled lights outside. Baked tons of cookies.

Now... I'm so ready for Christmas to be OVER! I'm done. I'm burnt. Feels like MONTHS until Christmas is finally here. I.AM.TIRED.OF.RED.AND.GREEN.

Maybe next year, I should not put Christmas stuff up until maybe a week before Christmas....


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Testing something

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Did I do this right?

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A new beginning is approaching!

You'll see more of me in upcoming few weeks!!!

Sadly, I will be out of a job after January 29. I am still exploring my possible options. I may need to take an afternoon/evening job somewhere. Maybe I can try to earn some money from home (crafts? Babysitting? dog walking?)

I am anxious but also a little bit excited to see what's in the store for me.

I just watched "Julie & Julia" last night and I really liked it very much. I can identify myself like Julie Powell. A bit lost. But I ain't gonna cook everyday like she did! Sheesh... I'm a good cook but not EVERY SINGLE DAY! And over 500 recipes? No thanks.

But I can post something everyday... That's easy. I hope... Then I realize, I have kids... hmmmm.

Ok, I gotta go and do some more internet surfing.

Love you guys.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Sorry if I don't seem to be blogging anymore! I've been wanting to write everyday, but life goes on, and I've been doing quite some soul-searching lately about what is my passion, what do I really want to do.

As some of you know by now, my job is in limbo right now. Nearly 3 years ago, I was hired by my school to be one-on-one instructor for a student with special needs. Then three weeks ago, an incident happened and the principal did an emergency expulsion, which basically means he is expelled but he can come back if the doctor/psychologists says he is safe to do so.

So, for the last 3 weeks, I'm just doing some odd and ends, catching up on some big time-consuming projects that nobody seems to have time to do for. I do miss teaching this boy, one-on-one, because it does keep me busy (and interesting).

I'm also anxious and nervous because I do not know if I will still have my job in the near future. I wish I knew the future so I can prepare for it accordingly. On the same hand, I do not want to know when because I want to enjoy what I have NOW. Should I start feeling around for possible jobs? Refresh my resume? Take a long look at our finances to see if Stay-at-home-mom is even possible?

I've been diverting my anxious-ness by doing research online on a new hobby, probably will start in 2010. I really want to start making greeting cards, maybe vinyl shirts, aprons, whatever.

Ha... instead of crying over spilled milk, I'll let the milk sour up, and I will try to sculpt the lumps into something interesting.

Thank you for lending a ear. :-)

Monday, November 30, 2009

I think a bug bit me...

Thanks a lot Jill!

Thanks a lot informicals!

Thanks a lot Shannon!

Thanks a lot YouTube!

Now I think I've been bitten by a bug. I've been trying to convince myself that I don't need it. But when I do internet surfing, I'm awed... I'm drooling... I want to do those!!!

I wonder if I'll get one for Christmas? I did give a hint to Jon....

(sighs) I just gotta find ROOM in this house to do those.

:-) :-) :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Reasons I love Olympia:
1. Close to the ocean
2. Small town, easy to get around
3. Trader Joe's
4. Waterstreet Grill
5. Sand in The City
6. Lake Fair
7. Art Walks
8. Pet parade
9. Taste of the Market
10. Farmers market
11. Beaches
12. Quiet neighborhood
13. Awesome Christmas bazaars
14. Hertiage fountain
15. Thai Garden
16. Mild weather
17. Great job
18. Great friends
19. Great family
20. Not toooo far from more great families
21. Great hubby and kids
22. Tasha Nicole
23. Wagners
24. Tea Lady and Wind up Toys
25. Drees
26. Drive thru Starbucks
27. Drive thru bank that has awesome stickers for my kids
28. Big Tom's
29. Great babysitters
30. Movie theaters that has captions
31. Free movies for kids in summers
32. Free lunches for kids in summers
33. Mall playground
34. Not so much traffic
35. My kids were born here
36. Antique shops
37. Archibald sisters
38. Popinjays and Compass Rose
39. Scholastic book fairs
40. Big Lots and dollar stores
41. Peppers Mexican restaurant
42. Priest Point Park
43. Tumwater Falls
44. Old brewery
45. Historical districts
46. Normas for breakfast
47. Ranch House BBQ
48. Views at Bayview Thriftway
49. Has an Automall
50. Cost Plus Imports
51. Phoneix Inn
52. Annnnddd MEEEEEE!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disney Princesses -- GO AWAY

Now I'm officially insane.

I have whole summer to actually think about Abby's upcoming birthday (Sept 3)... I have more time on my hands so I have time to be on a quest for specific things for her birthday.

I went store to store looking for specific cake toppers. I MAY just give up and buy a castle cake from the food store that Abby wanted. It depends.

Blah... I'm sick of Disney Princesses now.

Other updates??

Let's see, Sami is cutting 5 teeth right now. But she's being a good sport. She's about 25 pounds, and Abby is about 33 pounds. So, Sami is really catching up to Abby! I won't be surprised if in few years, they'll be about the same size.

I go back to work on September 8. That's about 3 weeks from now. Yikes. I hate myself because I didn't really do ANYTHING this summer. I am BUSY but on the other hand, I felt like my time wasn't used wisely. No camping. Little swimming. Most of our time is spent at home, playing with dolls, puzzles, movies (Yes, DISNEY ONES!), and didnt' really take adventage of the nice weather. Back of my head, it's because I don't want to expose them too much sun and packing up a preschooler and a toddler in a car is well, rigious activity itself. I get worn out fast. And timing our trips between their naps / cranky moments. It was just easier to stay home.

Ooooohhh welllllll.... Maybe it'll be easier next summer.

Should go and clean up a bit.
Lall la la la la

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kids are funny.

Last night, I turned on the TV and it was on "mute."

Anyway, here it goes!

Abby: Turn it up!
Mom: Well, maybe you're deaf (snickers).
Abby: No, I'm not!
Mom: How do you know?
Abby: Because I'm not a mom, I'm a kid.
Mom: (almost fell off couch laughing)

OMG, she thought all moms are deaf?!?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Psst... Hello... Are you still there?

1. Jon's birthday's this Thursday, July 2... pssst... (he'll be 35... shhhhh!)
2. My sis's 15th wedding anniversary is tomorrow! WOW.
3. 4th of July -- No plans, probably stay home and have a nice BBQ and listen to fireworks all around us, and oh yeah, trying to keep Trigger calm.
4. Sunday, we're going to Church to see Abby's camp's performance.
5. Probably take Abby to see a free movie at the movie theater on Tuesday, "Horton Hears A Who." Did anyone see it? Was it good?
6. Still addicted to my iPhone and all the cool apps.
7. Trying to declutter but it's hopeless. *(see #11 and #12)
8. Need to see friends more often. I'm getting tired of staring into Trigger's big brown eyes.
9. Baked sugar cookies today.
10. Wished for rain.
11. Sami's going through a rough patch with FOUR molars coming in.
12. Sami is just getting over her bad, bad, bad heat rash.
13. Kept getting lame movies from Netflix.
14. No new magazines in the mail yet.
15. Vowed to cut down on TV viewing during the day.
16. Wants to go outside more often but can't.
17. Because I have severe grass pollen allergy.
18. Delaying calling the doctor for allergy meds.
19. Vowed to not shop so much.
20. Enjoying my new car, zoom-zoom.
21. Addicted to watching "I Love Lucy."
22. Had to explain to Abby why "I Love Lucy" has no color...
23. Looking forward to staying at a hotel in Westport and spend the day at the car show with my family in July.
24. Abby's friend will have a birthday party -- a pool party -- Me in a swimsuit? ACK!!!
25. Kept finding Abby sleeping in our bed when we go to bed.
26. It's priceless when I sneak in a nap now and then when my kids are sleeping.
27. Hopes I still have my job next fall.
28. Kept forgetting to water the plants.
29. Wants to go for good long walks but see #17.
30. I think I'm finished for now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Been falling behind on my blogging. I know couple folks who stopped blogging (yes, YOU!)

Anyway, I've been pretty busy wrapping things up at school, cleaning up, having a sympathy ear, and working on finding a full-time childcare for my girls next fall.


Ahem... I am really enjoying our new car. We drove to Aberdeen today, and had lunch at Top Foods (tradition for us), and played at the playground nearby, then drove home. Sami wasn't very happy on our way home. I suspect another molar is popping in. She has three coming in at the same time.

Abby's doing good. She just visited her friend yesterday and played ALL day. She is SO into Disney Princesses, and Fairies. I think for her 4th birthday cake, it'll be "Tinkerbell" theme.

Hmm what else? Not much though... Ok, off to bed I go! Hi-Oh!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Voicing for me

I found a wonderful 'app' on my iPhone tonight!!!

"Type To Talk."

I can type anything (in English, of course) and press 'done' and my iPhone will voice out what I typed.

"I want menu number 67 with no tomatoes." etc....

Awesome!!!!! So if I meet someone I need to talk to but he/she doesn't understand me. I can type and have them listen to my speaker phone.

If only, it could also work the other way... (sighs)... Ha, instead of "talk to the hand," I would say, "talk to this!" (holding up the phone to their faces.) who knows. Maybe someone out there is working on it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mazda 5!

Jon brought home a new car! Our 2001 Ford Escape was getting old. Well, it still ran perfectly, but I was tired of it... I wanted a car that can fit more passengers. Our Ford only can seat 4 with two massive babyseats.

This one! It's a MINI-MINI VAN! Or my friend just called it Mini (squared)!

A Mazda 5!!!

If you don't know what it is-- Google it up.

It's compact, which is good for a short person like me, and good for everyday commuting. Good for small kids. (which is PERFECT right now)

It's dark, dark blue with black leather seats. Seat warmers. Powered windows, locks, cruise control, A/C, 6 CD player (Yay!), automatic temperature control, and so on, and on and on...

It can seat 6 people. Sure, we lose some cargo area if we have 6 people, but hey, I don't haul 6 people everyday. It's good for occassional carpooling trips (IKEA, anyone!?)

I'm SO excited! Abby said she wants me to keep the car forever, even if it's not PINK.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hopelessly addicted

I decided to count it. No way! I counted it again.

110 Apps on my iPhone. OMG.

Scratching my head, should I delete some? But which ones? Ack...

Wait. Do this have an App? (blogger) went to check it out. Yup! .........
Now it's at 111.

I can easily play with my phone for hours and hours. I even found a hilarious video on Youtube on my phone. Go to Youtube and type in "sneezing panda".

By the way, we may buy a new car in couple days to replace our dear old beloved Ford Escape. We're thinking of a Mazda 5.

Ok, I gotta go to bed! Only 14 more school days until Summer!!!!!! Yea, baby!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy, busy, busy bee

Sorry for not blogging as often as I'd like to. Been a very busy bee due to summer fast approaching!

My mind is already in "summer-mode." I'm already thinking ahead about what I need/should/could do all summer long.

Let's see:
2. Work on photo albums (I'm about 1 year behind!)
3. Set up a schedule for my kids so they won't get too bored. Like, libraries every Monday, park every Tuesday, etc.
5. Put up shelves in kids' room for their stuffed animals.
6. shampoo the entire carpet.
7. Visit my good friends more often.
8. Hit IKEA at least once...

That's what I have so far..... Good eh? I'll be lucky if I get past number 1.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sorry for not checking in! My iPhone lets me check my emails, surf the websites, etc.

90% of the time, I don't even need a computer!

That 10% is me right here, blogging away. :-) And I just checked out, just to see what's the hype is about.

IT'S AWESOME! Wow, I can watch my missed TV shows. No hassle of signing in, registering, etc. And no long downloads. ANY show is on there! I checked "The Office" from last Thursday, and it came right up.

And it's all captioned. Yayyyyy, I just need to turn the CC on. Most movies or shows I download or try to watch on the computer is almost never captioned.

Now, iPhone needs to work on getting more captioned shows on iTunes!

Technology is getting better and better everyday.... (dreamy sigh)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm excited!

I just found out a friend of mine is moving CLOSER to me. YAYYY... I googled it up and she'll be living exactly 1 mile away. That is absolutely perfect.

I planned on walking more this summer. And sorry, gal, your place will be a perfect reason to go walking. (winks)

~PAUSED~ (Had to pick up Sami, plop her down in her high chair, throw some handful of Cherrios on her tray so she'll let me type some more!)

Anyway, I'm so in love with my iphone! I must have downloaded 20 free games on it. Some are meant for Abby. She can play on it too. She knows she has to be careful not to drop it (or throw it).

I even have an application on it that "will should would must" help me shed some pounds. I can keep track of foods I ate (diary) and exercises I did (log) and it'll keep track of calories I ate/burned. At dinner time, I can check and see how big dinner/dessert I can have. Last night, it showed that I can have 544 calories worth of food left. So I tweaked my dinner so I can still have my chocolate for dessert! That thing's amazing... Otherwise, I would have had a big dinner and chocolate (which will put me over the limit and gain more weight). I've been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lazy with my eating habits. I did gain a lot. (shame on me) So I'm doing something about it. Sorry, friend, I'm gonna visit at your new house often!!!!

Our back porch is all painted now! Our new deck furniture is out sitting there. It looks really good! Before, our deck was all grey and dull. Round glass tempered table with plastic white chairs, and an umbrella. NOW the deck is richer reddish-brown painted, with black sleek chairs and bench with red tropical pillows. We also have a metal box fire pit. Our backyard's pretty much complete. I just need to buy new sand for the girls' sandbox.

Sorry about the dog's butt in the picture, she just wouldn't move! I think she's proud of her booty....

Friday, April 10, 2009

2 1/2 Milestones in Less Than a Week!

We got here in Maui on Saturday afternoon...

Sunday: Sami finally decided that she wanted to roll over. She has been rolling and rolling ever since. I have a hard time keeping her down for a simple diaper change.

Wednesday: She finally decided to crawl. Discovered it is faster than butt scooting.

Today: Almost pulled herself to a standing position.

What the world is happening here? Why didn't she do that at home couple months ago? I guess the new surroundings, the excitement, the curiosity got to her and she's doing all these things.

I wouldn't be surprised if she starts walking before we leave for home!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Did I spell it right? Snorkeling? ah I just used spellchecker.

I remember very well that my friend once told me that she spent all week in Hawaii, and decided to snorkel on her last day. BIG MISTAKE. She really regretted not doing it on her first day.

So, I don't know what's the hype is about. So you see few fish, big deal.
Jon asked me if I'd like to join him snorkeling. I said, sure, why not... I don't want to be one to regret not doing it. You live once, right?

Ah! I wasn't used to it!!!!! HOW can I breathe through that tube? Will the water seep into my goggles? Again, I CAN'T BREATHE (Panic sets in).

So, I spent some of my time dunking in and out of the water. Breathing a bit longer each time. The water looked murky and brown. Yuck...

After a while, and lots of practice, I didn't think I like snorkeling...

I said, 'Where's all the fish? This is boring..."

Jon said to go where all other snorkelers are. So, I swam over to the crowd.

OH MY GOSH!!!! Yellow fish, blue fish, white with stripes, red fish... Corals, lava rocks... cobalt blue water. My breathing is doing better. I just need to remember to breathe in and out of my mouth! I'm a blonde :-)

I want to post a picture of similar sight I've seen today, I don't have an underwater camera, but this is quite close! I'M SO GOING AGAIN TOMORROW!

Our Condo in Hawaii

Hi, (or AHOLA!)

Here's our quick video capture of our common areas in the condo. More pictures soon to follow! Come back and check often.

Our plane ride was about 7 hours. The kids did pretty well. I brought lots of stuff to keep them entertained, but I didn't bring enough food. Oops. On our way back, I'll make sure they do have enough food.

We checked into our condos, then went to Costco and Safeway to stock up on food. By the time we got back, we were allllll tired. We had quick sandwiches and went to bed.

It is morning, and I haven't even went to the beach yet. Ahhhhh... It's on my To-Do list. I will let you know how it is like...


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sami's quirky.

Here's a video of Sami, showing how she gets across a room. She simply REFUSES to crawl. This is her way of getting around!

First: She raises her arms like Superman to "point" where she wants to go.

Second: She'll attempt to move but gets distracted by other objects.

Third: Eventually gets to her destination!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Not much is happening right now. All is quiet!

Busy at work with kids and trying to come up with new Spring craft projects that they'll like to do. Tomorrow, they'll be painting lady bugs on oval rocks. Good way to celebrate first day of Spring!

Jon is getting ready to power-wash our deck and porch, and stairs. I'm SO not looking forward to that because then Trigger will be wrapped around my legs all day due to the noise.

Not much new... Jenny, the kids' new babysitter is still sending me more pictures of the kids! I sure love getting them.
Here's another one!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So Blessed!

This is a blessing in disguise!!!

Remember, my last blog about kids' daycare terminating their care? It was a very, very tough week because I was also sick with a terrible, I mean, terrible cold. I missed two days of work. Stress could have attributed to it.

I sent "need help finding someone to babysit my kids" email through the school email. The wonderful staff responded. An interpreter from high school suggested me to contact the sub interpreter's wife. I figured, why not.... No harm, no foul.

We met Jenny-- wow~... A god-sent!

We visited them, and the sub intepreter, Jim, is also an apartment manager, so they live in an apartment, and they have three ADORABLE little dogs.

The kids immediately loved it there. So, they started going there the very next day. Of course, I was nervous, and my stomach was in knots the entire day. When I went to pick them up, they were smiling ear to ear. They LOVED it there better than their last daycare.

And get this, they live mere 1/2 mile away from where I work! Whoo-hoo.

And also get this, Jenny's an avid photographer too as well! She's just like my sister, Jill. She takes tons of photographs. She likes taking baby pictures. Haven't done any weddings. And she was thrilled to do photography work and gave me a CD full of pictures. WOWWWWWW. I'd like to share few pictures of them. :-)

All is GOOD!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Laid off... wait, that's not right...

We got laid off... from the daycare! We only use the daycare on Mondays and Fridays.

We got an email from "her" and she said she'll no longer watch Abby and Sami. She don't want part-time families anymore. HELLLLLO!!! Part-time families are the most profittable! With this sucky economy, she should be grateful that there's part-time families. She even told me some of her full-timers went to part-timers because of the economy.

So, we only had Saturday and Sunday to search for a new one! ACK! Most daycares are closed on weekends, so we can't just call up few.

We were mad. We were upset. She had no right to drop us like that, without any advanced notice. We shot an "professionalism" letter back to her. She replied back, rambling on and on why she stopped. It did not help any. We're still angry.

I tried emailing everyone I know who "could" watch the kids on Monday. Too busy. Can't. (LONG SIGHHHH).

Jon will have to stay home. I'm hoping we'll have someone by Friday.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


"Okay, Abby, it's time for you to go get ready for bed."
And I found this:

And now, here's a snapshot of Sami. She's now 10 months old!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.
Let LOVE triumph over Friday the 13th!


A friend of mine recently re-posted her very first Blog, and said wow, how much have changed since then. It made me realize when was my first blog?? So, I had to look back. Interesting!

* Summer of 2007, I just started working at an elementary school that February, and this was my first summer off since I graduated from college in 1998.

* NO SAMI! I wasn't even pregnant!

* We did not have a big screen TV.

* We had an "Actual" guest room upstairs.

* Look how YOUNG Abby looked back then. She was few months shy of becoming 2.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello there...
My first blog aside from those on MySpace. I just think maybe, JUST MAYBE this will be easier to access and I won't get too distracted from other ads and profiles. Wish me luck on updating my blogs more often! You're more than welcome to encourage or gently remind me to update my blogs. :-)
Here is my sweetest picture of my hubby and
I just adore this picture so much.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

How Do I keep Track?

How do I keep track of all the hilarious stuff our kids say? I try to remember and try to write or type them down. But I forget!
Let's see.... The latest:
This mornig, I was driving the car, and Abby was in the back seat, and we just left the grocery store. She was eating some M&M's. She started coughing. Frantic, I looked at her, asking, "Are you OK? Are you OK?!?"

If someone is choking, they can't talk. So I immediately asked "WHAT' IS YOUR NAME? TELL ME NOW."
Annoyed, she piped up: "TINKERBELL!"
I know she said something cute the other day, and it's on the tip of my tongue... Aughh... Trying to recall....... Oh! I remember now!

We went to Target last week to pick out Valentines Day cards for her classmates in preschool.
She immediately found Tinkerbell ones, and wouldn't even look at others.

As I paid for the cards at the checkout counter, the cashier asked me if I wanted a bag (it's just a box of cards) so I said "Nah...." And handed the box to Abby.

On our way to the car, and as I was opening the car door, Abby looked at me and said, "I'm glad you said no to a bag." I asked why.

With the biggest grin: "Because I get to hold this box! I loooooove Tinkerbell!"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Almost There!

This is a small video of Sami attempting to crawl. Almost there!!! I tried to get the best video for it but Abby was being too helpful... Picking up toys and bringing them to her, so she doesn't need to crawl. What a nice big Sister, but Sami gotta learn at some point...! :-)

Then this second video, I thought was too cute to keep it to myself. We were at Ocean Shores and the grandparents, Sami and I were at the water. Abby was far away with daddy flying a kite, then Abby really wanted to come to the water. You could see her little legs running, and she was on a roll, that she did a quick u-turn and kept on running.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frozen Peas

Here I sit here with two ziploc bags full of frozen peas resting on my breasts. Jon walked by, took a double glance and chuckled.


You see, I decided to stop pumping milk. I'm so tired of pumping on a strict schedule. I don't have breaks at my work because it's all about pumping sessions. I come home with the kids and it's chaos, and I stress out because I need to pump. I get up at 2 o'clock AM, (YES, AM!) every night for the last 8 months to pump. I'm sick of it!!! Sami's 9 months old. My milk supply was steadily slowing down, so I decided it's not worth it anymore.

For the last two weeks, I've been cutting down on pumping sessions slowly... Today's the first day I went over 24 hours. And I'm in pain! AUGH.

I googled up how to get rid of engorgement pain and it said frozen peas. And also it mentioned if I went "cold turkey," I would have abrupt hormonal shift. No wonder... I was extra cranky at work. Duh...

Anyway. To describe the engorgement pain -- Imagine breaking a bone, would you want anyone or anything to bump where you broke your bone? NOOOO! It's painful. It's funny, I didn't realize how much I bump my chest until I can feel every pain. Pushing a chair, picking up Sami, hugging Abby, carrying a laundry basket.

I sure hope I feel better tomorrow. When this episode is over, I will say "Hallelujah!" because it means "FREEDOM!"

I'll have my real breaks at work.
We come home and I can focus on the girls.
SLEEP ALL NIGHT. Oh my gosh... oh my gosh... oh my gosh... A dream come true.
No more sneaking away to pump.
No more changing 5 AA batteries every 1.5 weeks.
No more washing pump parts.

I'm smiling while my boobs hurt.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Smell the Roses...

I admit it. I was FRAZZLED this morning. I was in a "rush-rush-rush" mode. Pack my lunch, pack diaper bag, dress Abby, dress Sami, feed Sami, get breakfast ready for Abby, let dog out, clean up kitchen, put bags in car, blah blah blah. I was so frazzled that I was yelling at Abby to get her shoes and coat on.

I opened the garage door and we all went to the car. Abby said something, I thought she said "dark." I said, "yes it's still dark." She was upset, and said something else. I didn't quite catch it, so I assumed "Yes, it's foggy." I couldn't understand her because I was buckling Sami in her car seat.

Abby YANKED my coat, and was very upset. I closed my eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and sunk down to Abby's level, and looked in her eyes, and asked "What?"

She said softly, "it's pretty." Pointing to the street.

It caught me off guard. Oh my gosh. It IS pretty. The fog was lingering under the streetlights, giving it a soft glow everywhere. Light yellow and pink hazy glow.

It helped me relax for a moment. Thank you, Abby. Thank you for stopping me in middle of my tracks. Thank you for making me "BREATHE." I felt better.

Kids are so smart, smarter than we all realize.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Talking to a 3 year old...

Me: How are you liking your Tinkerbell Balloon?

Abby: I love her sooooo much!

Me: Hey, I have an idea, when you go see Grandma today, tell her, "Tinkerbell is my B-F-F!"

Abby: (annoyed) NO, SHE'S TINKERBELL!

Me: I know, but B-F-F means Best Friends Forever. Tinkerbell is your friend, right?


Me: Okay, sorry. Hey, B-F-F can also mean Best FAIRY Friend... how about that?


Me: (muttering under breath) Ah, I give up. Okay, time to go get in the car.

We all walked into the COLD garage.

Abby: Tinkerbell's going down...!

Me: Uh-oh, I think she may got a hole. (Feeling the balloon)

Abby: (cries) Fix Tinkerbell.

Me: I can't... Maybe Grandpa can find the hole?

Abby: (sniffles) Let's go see Grandpa.

Me: I'm sorry.

We entered in the car, and I put the heat on full blast. By mircle, Tinkerbell balloon rised and was full of air again.

Me: Ah-ha! Tinkerbell's fine! She was just cold. She doesn't like the cold. (WHEW)

Abby: She has a hole!

Me: Looks like she doesn't. She just don't like the cold.

We arrived at grandparents' house, and got out of the car.

Tinkerbell balloon started losing air again.

Me: Hurry!!! Tinkerbell doesn't like the cold, remember!

Abby: (standing still outside, dumbfounded) Tinkerbell got a hole!

Me: No she doesn't, just take her inside, she'll be fine. (long sigh)

Of course, the balloon's fine.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Couple things...

Sami had her 9 month check-up yesterday:

*20 pounds, 4 ounces!
*27.75 inches tall.
*Everything is on target, and all looks good.
*Not crawling yet, but she's getting good at "butt scooting." She'll go from Point A to Point B without you realizing it. It's like watching water boil. It doesn't boil if you're watching it.... Sami doesn't move if you're watching her, but if you take your eyes off her for a second, there she goes!

The entire doctor stay, Sami took her shoe off, and started gnawing on it. Doctor said she can feel her fourth tooth coming in. NO shots this time! Yayyy... Her next check up will be right on her birthday. 12 months. Wow.... Time sure flies.

As for Abby, she's crazy as ever.
Today: She wanted to wear her yellow bike helmet this morning. So I let her. Later when I went to pick her up from her grandparents', my mom-in-law informed me that she wore the helmet the entire time she was in Preschool. She wouldn't take it off. She got mad when a boy came up to her and started knocking on her helmet.

Grandma bought her a big Tinkerbell mylar balloon and she's all smiles, bopping it up on the ceiling.

What else is new? We all have mild colds right now. It's nasty when Sami sneezes. Ewww! Good thing we have Kleenex nearby.

I've been religiously entering our name in the Dream Home 2009. I know it'll be a nightmare if we actually win the house (Tax, property taxes, utilities, etc!) but we can always rent it out or sell it if necessary (still profitable!). This house is in the perfect location where we'd like to live or retire to! Sonoma, WINE COUNTRY!

Anyway, I should go. Sami's cranky (cold or teething, you pick....)
Hugs to all.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Gosh, January 12th already?!
Time sure went by fast.
*Went back to work after Winter Break.
*Got into a steady routine with work, kids, and chores with no break.
*Sami is teething so she has been extra grumpy.
*Weeding out old clothes, realizing they are extra frumpy.
*Been meaning to exercise and eat healthier.
*But I seem to be getting lazier.

So, here's few pictures to keep you updated on the girls.