Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Went to Seattle Children's in Olympia, and saw a doctor, gave him a copy of Sami's hip x-rays.

He peered over the x-rays, and examinated Sami's hips. Sami was crying because it was past her normal naptime, and didn't like being handled like this!

Anyway, after a careful examination, and measuring her bones on x-rays, the conclusion:


Long-term - Doctors will always be checking her hips until she learns how to walk, and they'll let us know if they feel worried.

Bottom line- NO PROBLEM FOUND!

Sami finally found how noisy the paper lining underneath her... stopped crying and started playing with the paper. CRINKLE, CRINKLE!

Then we went to Tacoma Mall for a nice day of shopping. Jon carried Abby on top of his shoulders and I just had to LAUGH! I took a picture.... Here it is!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures of homemade leg warmers

See my new leg warmers! I love them, my legs stay warm!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thrifty Girl!

Thrifty Girl is at it again!

Still saving over 50% on grocery bills.

My friend was over and we were chatting about 1980's stuff (i.e. Leg Warmers)... Then it led to baby leg warmers. She was telling me about a product called "BabyLegs" and it made a lot of sense. It's like stockings but only up to hip line. I can still change diapers. It's less bothersome. And when Sami's pants are too short or rides up, the leg warmers are there to keep her calves warm. Perfect for winter.....

So, I looked it up online, and realized how expensive they were! $12 for ONE pair!?! So I checked out Ebay for them... Still pretty expensive!

Then a light bulb dinged....

HANDMADE? Is it possible? So, I googled it up.

Ah-ha!!!!!! Buy knee-high socks or trouser socks, clip bottom off, hem it. Then voila...

Went to Goodwill to look for socks. Doesn't have any... Went to dollar store next door, and they had many good socks! So I bought 4 pairs. You know, if I screw up couple times.... I can still work on more socks.

Pulled out and blew dust off my sewing machine. And managed to get two "Handmade Baby Legs" out of those two pairs of socks. I screwed one up, so I threw it away. As I was working on third pair, my sewing machine went Kaput. I think it is overdue for a tune-up. So, I just gave up. At least I have two good pairs.

So, to buy "real" one pair =$12
Money I spent to make two pairs =$4.32

Whoo hoo!!!!

I love it when I save money like that.

I'll try to remember to post pictures of Sami with her BabyLegs on. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Someone behind me is singing. Ahh--aAHHHHA---ahhh--aaaaaammmmpppppppppphhh-Ahhhhh.

I hear 'mmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmmaaaa' Is that her first word?!? "Ma?" Did you say "MA?" Say MAMA! Mama!


(staring at me like I have a bowl full of pasta on top of my head)



"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppphhhhhhh" then stared to complain/cry.

(sighs...) Maybe next time.

ANYWAY, I had my MRI this afternoon. My medication for hip burisitis didn't work, so my doctor sent me to get an MRI. My first one. Ack. I was nervous.

Went there. Waited in a waiting room.... Sent me to another waiting room. This one was a bit better because it had a TV (but no captions). Waited some more. Then got called in, changed my clothes to a gown. Then led to a room where MRI is done. The tech explained to me how MRI will feel, and I can back out if I'm clausphobic. I AM but not that severe. I agreed to go ahead. If I felt too uncomfortable, I can wiggle my fingers and they'll stop it.

Said there will be vibrations, and it's VERY LOUD, he offered me ear mufflers. I told him, I'm deaf, I don't need those. Ended up the noise was barely a whisper to me. The MRI will take 30 minutes. WOW, 30 MINUTES! And I can't move. I can breath but no big movements like moving my fingers...!

Guess what I did in the MRI capsule?


Yes, I was that tired. I was on Vicodin, and had a rough day at school due to not feeling too good.

Ohh it was total bliss!!!! I could do that everyday, if I could. Tee-hee.....