Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abby's Dentist / Farmers' Market

Hi there!
Yesterday was quite a day. I took Abby to the dentist to get a filling. Yep, she got a teeny tiny cavity (sobs).

She did GREAT at the dentist... We came in, she sat down with a big smile across her face. Saw the dentist, said "hi!" Then he proceed to lower and flatten the chair. The motor spooked Abby but she was content immediately. The dentist explained what he'll be doing. Gave her "happy gas." She just laid there, with the HUGE gas mask over her face, (PAUSE: chasing after Trigger because she ate Abby's pancakes, yelled at her and put her in the garage) it covered maybe 70% of her face.

She breathed in deeply. She was starting to get anxious. Her upper body was as still as a statue, but her lower body was wiggling all over. Then they showed how they use the "saliva extractor" and she was hesitant about it. (PAUSE: a pesky fly we've been after for 2 days is finally on our coffee table, I grabbed the fly swatter and went after it) After a lot of coaxing, they gave her shots in her inner cheek to numb the area. Done. Here comes the drill... (PAUSE: Abby wants her milk in a DIFFERENT CUP!) He gave the drill a few taps on her molar, and she wanted them to stop! She wanted to get out of the chair. So they backed off. They don't want to scare her any further. Traumatize her. (PAUSE: I finally caught the fly! I swatted it down hard on the table, smashing the fly into three pieces. Ahhh what satisfaction! Scraped with tissue and tossed in garbage)

So, we walked out to the car. I pulled her up to her carseat, and realize the corner of her mouth is bleeding. (PAUSE: Abby's WHINING that she wanted to get the fly. I told her there'll be more later. No no no, She wants THAT ONE (the dead one) NOWWWWW) I completely forgot her cheek is numb, and when your cheek is numb, you can't feel the pain if you bite it. She bit her inner cheek, no no no, CHEWED her inner cheek. Ewwwww. We went back inside and asked for gauzes.

Been giving her Tylenol around the clock. Her lower left lip is swollen from all the chewing. Gave her soft foods, avoiding salty foods.


Fast Forward to 5:30 PM. The babysitter came (Thanks, Maria!!!) and we went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Olympia. It was closed...obviously... they're having a huge dinner called "Taste of The Market." Basically, every upscale restaurant will come down, and prepare gourmet foods and we get to eat them! We are the judges. There was some down-to-earth foods, and some exotic foods. I would grab my clean white shiny plate and go around the market, getting small portions of food gracefully put on my plate. I sometimes would eat while I'm waiting in a short line for more food. The crab cakes from Budd Bay restaurant was heaven! The salmon "hash" from Waterstreet Cafe was good too! The pasta from Sorrentio's was delicious! Lots and lots and lots of samples to choose from. Oysters, sausages, ravoli, steak, clam claws, shrimp, veal, etc. Yes, you're right, I STUFFED MYSELF SILLY! And I haven't even had dessert yet. Oh man... I mustered up to find room for dessert. (a girl must have her chocolate)
Got rocky road brownie, peanut butter brownie, oatmeal brownie, pecan tart, raspberry shortcake. I couldn't even finish. Then I eyed a pear sorbet in raspberry spritizer, ah-ha, I need to try that!


They had door prizes, raffle drawing, etc. We didn't win anything. Drats. But I did get to keep the flower arrangement from the table we were sitting at.

Got home... Jon and I didn't have good nights sleep because of all the food churning in our delicate tummies.

But all in all-- WE HAD FUN!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm mad at!

I've been faithful to's photo site. I loved the way they uploaded pictures fast, had a nice slideshow, and free shipping.

Few months ago, they changed... Now it's nearly impossible to use it. Uploading would take three times as long. Sometimes I cannot even open an album. Or the slideshow will freeze, or not run at all. I cannot even type in my personal message if I want to send my albums out to family and friends. I know they're working on getting rid of the bugs. They even offered 50 free prints. But if they don't get the bugs out, they're going to lose me as a customer! I am going there now and file a complaint. I think we ALL should get 200 FREE PRINTS! (grumbles)

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $1247.08
OOP: $617.66
Savings: (50%)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yayy! A note from the doctor!

Yeah, when we get a note from our kids' doctor in the mail, we cringe.

Jon opened it up, and we were very relieved!

Sami's hip x-rays showed that her hips are completely normal. YAYYYYYY! We had to take her in for x-rays when she hit her 4-month mark. Since she was born breeched (Frank breech, to be exact), they were worried about her hip sockets. If her hips weren't okay, she would have had casts on for several weeks.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love my Wii Fit!

Yayyyy got one!!!! FINALLY!
Been trying to find one forever. Always sold out everywhere. Then on Monday, my friend texted me that there's some at Target. She works there few days a week. I couldn't get out of the house due to my kids. I texted her back "Buy it for me, and I'll pay you back pronto!"

And she did! Thank you!!!

Today was the day I finally coaxed Abby to take a nap (GO TAKE A NAP!). She grumbled and went upstairs. Then I started the Wii Fit up. Tried the Hula Hoop, the jogging, tilt-a-board, skiing, etc. I learned that I suck at soccer! Anyway, it was fun! I am planning on trying to do it every day before the kids wake up.

Tonight, Jon did some and Abby just had to copy him. LOL! It was really cute seeing a man and a little girl twirling hips in sync, trying to do the hula hoop game.

It was money well spent. I consider it my reward from saving half our food bill. Whoo-hoo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abby got something new!

She looks much older with her new haircut! She really wanted a haircut so we let her get one. She loves it! It actually makes her hair look thicker and healthier. And of course, the last picture, she really wanted to make a funny face.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nearly Cherry Picking Time!

Our pantry's stocked. Our deep freezer's stocked. What else? I think I completed the "stockpiling session." So, the only things we need to shop for is necessaries (milk, veggies, and anything that have a very short shelf life). Ahhh... It's a nice feeling...

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $982.37
OOP: $484.10
Savings: (51%)

Average cost of food per week: $96.82 (for family of 3.5!) and will continue to go down.

I think I joined a cult....!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Cloud Nine

After purchasing 15 Kool-Aid packets (needed them anyway) got these for free!

*Kraft ranch dressing
*Wheat Thins
*Oscar Mayer Hot dogs
*Crystal Light mix
*Kraft Cheese Singles

Spent: $4.77 to get $20.22 worth of food for FREE

Ahhh, no more spending over $50 for ridiculous few items anymore.
Life is Good!

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $757.08
OOP: $379.71
Savings: (50%)

An interesting article...Please read.

It's pretty hard to find anything good about gasoline prices hovering at an all-time high in the U.S., but I know that my grandmother would find something positive to point out. That's just the way she was. She could always find a rainbow no matter how dark the storm.

I thought about her recently when I read about professors Michael Morrisey, Ph.D. of the University of Alabama and David Grabowski, Ph.D. of Harvard Medical School. They studied traffic fatalities from 1985 to 2006 when the price of gas hit $2.50 a gallon. They've found that for every 10 percent increase in gas prices, there's been a 2.3 percent decline in auto-related deaths. Now that gas prices have pierced the $4-a-gallon mark, they expect to see a drop of about 1,000 deaths per month. In those terms, it's pretty difficult to loathe the high cost of gas. Well, maybe not loathe it quite as much.

There's also another good thing about rising gas costs. People are shifting where they want to live and shop so they stay closer to work and home. That means that some blighted areas close to inner cities are getting revitalized, all because of the high cost of gas.

By staying closer to home, shoppers are helping out the smaller local stores that struggle to survive. That's what is happening in Thomasville, Alabama, a town that was slowly dying and now is seeing a major resurgence. In fact, the once-sleepy town is experiencing traffic jams on its main street from shoppers who can no longer afford the gas to drive many miles away to a big, fancy mall.

If it's any further consolation for the poor economy, Americans are racking up debt at a slower pace these days because it's getting increasingly difficult to acquire new credit.

We're also eating out less which, I can only assume, means we're cooking at home more. Could it be that this slowing economy might actually be good for families by bringing them back to the dinner table?

There are a few economists who argue that a recession could make us healthier. When times are economically tough, they say, we take better care of ourselves, are more likely to look after others and, surprisingly, we become less anxious. Edward Glaeser, economics professor at Harvard, says that a recession becomes a time of possibility, despite the inevitable human suffering that accompanies it.

I don't know all the ways the slumping housing market, high gas prices and soaring food prices are affecting you specifically. I do know this: in every difficult situation, there is always a bright spot, be it ever so tiny. If we look deeply enough, we will find something for which to give thanks. Even in a recession.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sami's Stats!

4 month check-up:

*Now weights 14 pounds, 12 ounces. (Gained nearly 3 pounds in the last 2 months)

*23 3/4 inches tall. (Grew a whole inch in two months)

*Everything is right on target.

*Grab toys and especially anyone's hair.

*Almost rolling over.

*Loves watching Abby's movements

*Takes two big naps, one in morning, another in afternoon.

*Pretty much sleeps all night long. (She used to sleep in her rocker every night, but I'm doing the transition to sleeping flat in the crib because I am paranoid about her rolling out of her rocker and get hurt)

*Loves to stand if you hold her.

*Dances to music.

*Smiles everytime you smile at her.

*Loves when mommy makes that "clicking" sound in her mouth.

*doesn't like to be taken out of the bathtub when bathtime's over.

*She talks so much like she's carrying a full-fledged conversation with anyone.

*Ignores Abby's "Whys" (winks)

*Jon claims she is only a Green Bay Packers fan (just kidding).

*Still likes to watch TV.

Today, she received three shots in her hips. She bawled for a minute, and I picked her up and she pinched me on my arm! Jeez... Like, "WHY MOM, WHY DID YOU LET THEM DO THIS TO ME?!? (SOBBING)"

Poor thing....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 4: Grocery Game Results

If you're happy and you know it, say "Hurray, Hurray!"

Jon went with me to go food shopping today, and he was very impressed about how much we saved. I'm getting better at it, as you can see, I saved over half of the food bill this week! I weed out junk foods and focus on wholesome foods.

FYI: At Albertsons, Lunchables are $1.00 each. And you can get 10 spiral-bound 70 sheet notebooks for only a dollar! No, this is not a typo. 10 for one dollar (10 cents each).

I even got a big box of cereal for 19 cents. (Was on sale for $1.19 and I had a $1.00 off coupon) A double whammy. Whoo-hoo!!!

This is week FOUR, so that means in one month, we spent about $92 on food per week. Saved $88 every week. That's a LOT... When you think about it... You should see our pantry --it's FULL to the top.

Shelf: $106.92
OOP: $43.72
Savings: $63.20 (59%)!!!!!! I broke the 50% barrier! I won, I won!

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $719.25
OOP: $368.55
Savings: $350.70 (49%)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Am I bored enough that I am already thinking of stuff?!?

Gee, the den needs a complete make-over. I wonder if I can move the computer to that corner. I want a couch that folds out to a sleeper sofa. (NOT hide-a-bed, or a futon) Ikea have a nice one... Hmm this room needs color. I want to get rid of that stupid weight bench. Jon claims he still uses it... yea right!

I wish I knew how to make fancy-schmancy cakes, like on Aces of Cakes tv show. I already looked at fondant, and they're expensive! I'm cheap-o... Now I wonder if I can make my own... Nah...

Gosh, those bananas are already overriped. I should make banana bread. But Jon don't like walnuts... Hmm Maybe just one loaf with nuts, other without.

Should I get a tattoo? I have none. I don't wish to get one. But life's short... Should I? Just in a place that nobody really sees except my own hubby. Then that'll be almost pointless, right? Maybe "Abigail and Samantha" tattooed. They're my daughters, forever. Hmm that doesn't sound so bad. But WHERE? Certainly not on my big butt...

I realllllly want a new hair make-over. Maybe new haircut with highlights. But who will give me a good one? A honest's opinion on which hairstyle will look good on me. I know I have round face.

I did order a Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera for Abby's birthday. It's free shipping to my local Wal-mart, so when it arrives, I can pick it up. I sure can't wait to see Abby's reaction to it. She's ABSOLUTELY in love with any camera.

I made a cow out of fimo clay. I only had white fimo clay so, I'll paint it. Then plop it on top of a round pink cake. It's what Abby wants! I've asked her million times what kind of cake she wanted and she gave me the same answer every single time: "A PINK cake with black and white cow on top."

I'm already asking Sami to say "mama." I hold her close to my face and say "mamamamamama" every minute. I'm sure she's sick of me and my breath.

What else am I goofy about?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Day of the Famous "Y"

Took place on August 7, 2008, appox. 8:42 AM

Mom: (with excitement) "Ok, get ready to go to grandma and grandpa's!"
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "They want to see you!"
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "They love you, they want to spend the day with you."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "Ok, that's enough. I need to get ready too."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "WHY what?"
Abby: "Why you need to get ready?"
Mom: "I want to, see my friends."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "I haven't seen them for a long time."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "I've been busy answering all of your 'why's!'"
Abby: (silence)
Mom: (thinking to herself, "whew! I think she stopped...")
Abby: WHY?
Mom: "No more whys... Let's GO!"
(And I tuned her out...)

It's a VICIOUS CYCLE!!!!! It'll NEVER END... (sighhhhhhh).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome To The Land Of "WHY?"

I remember bugging my mom like this... now Abby's doing it to me!

Abby: "Can I have a banana?"

Mom: "Uhh, those are too old, and these green ones aren't ripe yet..."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "Well, old ones tastes yucky, and those green ones will taste sour."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: (silence)

Abby: "Mom, why?"

Mom: (rolls eyes) "Why, what?"

Abby: "why can't I have a banana?"

Mom: "I just told you."

Abby: "Why?"

Few hours later, I was tucking Abby in bed for her nap time.

Abby: "I want daddy."

Mom: "He's at work."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "So he can earn money to buy us food, clothes, and so on..."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "If we have no money, then no house, no food, no clothes, etc."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: (rolls eyes again) "Go to bed..."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "Have a good nap, see you later." (and walks out of room)

I don't want to end up saying "BECAUSE I SAID SO." It just doesn't explain anything. I wish I had a good answer for every "Why" that she'll stop asking everytime.

What a kid....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 3: Grocery Game Results


Here's my week's food bill. 45% isn't bad! Still almost half off! I'm still working on my stockpiling, and it's starting to shape up. I sure can't wait until I have pretty much everything, and will only go for things we're low on.

FYI: Albertsons have BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE meats! I got TWO BIG rump roasts for $16 (normal price would have been $32). Whoo hoo!


Shelf: $220.74

OOP: $122.35

Savings: $98.39 (45%)

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $612.33
OOP: $324.83
Savings: $287.50 (47%)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Guess where we were tonight!

We went to the Governor's Mansion to celebrate it's 100th birthday. Lots of folks dressed in 1900's attire. I, of course didn't have any clothes from that era! It was fun. Wine, lemonade and finger foods were served. Music and history. At the end of this should show a video clip of it, but I cannot seem to get it to play correctly. If it doesn't play for you, then my apologies.
Jon and Me in front of the Mansion
Mike Gregiore, Christine Gregiore, Evans (former Governer), and some guy in a Kilt!
Right side of mansion
Left side of mansion
Center of mansion.