Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just had to share...!

I love her toothless grin!



Last fall, we purchased 3 blueberry bushes and put them in our side yard. We weren't expecting much from them for couple years at least.


We're having a bumper crop of blueberries. We go picking every single day now, and good 1-2 cups worth everyday. I've been making blueberry muffins. Abby been eating tons of those blues nearly everyday.

It must be the soil or something that's helping them thrive famously.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quotes of the Day

Just a Thought...
Asking someone who happens to know
some signs to interpret is like asking a
first year law student to prosecute a case
in criminal court.
Just a Thought...
When there is communication,
love can grow.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Week 2: Grocery Game Results

I'm just keeping records here, and updating it every week to see how much I save after couple months or so.

Right now, my ultimate goal is stockpiling. And the food bill will eventually go down. My pantry is getting FULL already! I need to find more room to squirrel away even more food. Then it'll be cherry picking time. (Means I rarely will need to go to the store unless I'm running low on something) (OOP= Out Of Pocket)

Shelf: $195.04
OOP: $98.55
Savings: $96.49 (49%)

Shelf: $196.55
OOP: $103.93
Savings: $92.62 (47%)

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $391.59
OOP: $202.48
Savings: $189.11 (48%)

I realize there is a delicate balance between getting food/necessities and buying junk food. So I'm trying to be careful about that. It IS tempting if some junk foods are dirt cheap... A gallon of ice cream for only $1.25?!? Wow... (sighs) this is hard. I will have to learn how to ignore stuff like that. Focus on healthy stuff like salads, veggies, fruits, cheese, yogurt, etc. It's not hard! I tell myself, it's not hard.....

Saturday, July 26, 2008


As the girls and I were shopping at a food store last night for dinner, I passed a used book bin, and glanced in it. "Just a DEAF Person's Thoughts" grabbed my attention. It was 50 cents, so I bought it. So, don't be surprised if in a while, I type a verse or two ...

Some are interesting thoughts, but the whole book, seems biased. It's mainly for deaf folks who's realllllllly into ASL and deaf culture. Not like me, who have the best of BOTH worlds.

Let me give you an example:

"Do you wish we could...
put signs near schools and programs for DEAF students that read:
This school is a S.E.E. Free Zone and protected by federal laws."

That's insulting one for me. I mean, I support ASL as part of our communication, but for young kids in school, I think S.E.E. also plays an important role, helping the children get a better understanding of the English language structure, and be better writers later in life instead of writing in "ASL." which looks poorly written. Example of ASL being written, "Kristy happy, got puppy big black free, eat lots. Run loves, in car pant out window."

Okay, I scanned first few pages in the book and came across this:
DEAF people -- those who use ASL naturally, who cherish and preserve DEAF culture, and who cannot hear.
deaf people -- those who cannot hear, but who do not value DEAF people, their language or their culture.

Sheesh. We're being labeled? What am I? DEAF or deaf?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 1: Grocery Game Results

Wow... It sure requires some homework. I printed out the food list that's on sale. Crossed out what I absolutely don't need. It was tricky trying to figure out what this symbol, abbrevations, etc, means.

I got brave enough, and headed out the door with a bored toddler and an active 3 month old baby with me. Strapped Abby into her "car cart." and figured out how to put Sami's carseat onto the cart too.

An hour and half later, I'm still figuring out my food list, walking aimlessly in store. Abby liked to hop in and out of her car.

Finally, I got everything on my list, went to check out counter, gave the cashier a small pile of coupons and my store card.

Here's the results:

My LAST WEEK's BILL: (before I signed up for Grocery Game)
Spent: $51.01 for 24 items
Saved: $13.88 (21%) from my Safeway card.
Average per item: $2.13 (If no savings, average per item: $2.70)

Spent: $98.55
Saved: $96.49 (45.5%)
Average per item: .60 cents! (If no savings, average per item $3.61)
So, bottom line, I got a realllly good bargain!!! This is SOOO worth it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Now I remember!

Mom: (flipping through Oriental Trading Party catalog...) "Hey Abby, what kind of birthday cake would you like?"

Abby: "PINK!"

Mom: "Okay, what else? Anything on top?"

Abby: "Hmmmm. A COW!"

Mom: "What color?"

Abby: "BLACK!"

So, okay folks, don't be alarmed if you see a bright pink cake with a black cow on top being served at her birthday party!

My Conversation with Abby and Westport

Hmm interesting conversations with Abby!

Grandma called (Jon's mom). To see if we got home safely from Westport. Abby wanted to talk to her. Abby was yelling, trying to reach the phone! Jon finally gave her the phone, and then Abby declared, "Hi Grandma, I'm HOME ALONE!" (Oh, Sheesh!!!)

There was another funny conversation with Abby yesterday, and I swore that I wouldn't forget it... Of course, I cannot remember it now. Auggghhh... Racking my brain.... (Glugging coffee now).

Ah, I'll remember it someday. Here's our recap of Westport vacation!

Friday: Left about 11:30 and stopped at Top Foods in Aberdeen to grab sandwiches for lunch. Abby had strawberries and Sami was sleeping soundly.

Got to Westport and visited with my parents at front of a different motel, doing registrations. Then we went to Chateau Westport Motel, and checked in. We had a corner room on first floor, with a small kitchette (VERY USEFUL IF YOU HAVE A BABY!). The decor was outdated. Very outdated. But pretty comfy for three days. I fed Sami while Jon and Abby went to check out the playground, the trees (they had very low hanging thick branches that you can sit on). Then they went on a small hike to see the ocean. The waves came and went, almost touching Abby's feet! Jon swooped her up. They had fun.

They came back to the room, and we switched. Jon had Sami, who was sleeping soundly, and he read his book, relaxing. I took Abby SWIMMING in the indoor pool. She had a blast. She did not go further than the last step in the pool, but she just loved the atmosphere.

Then we went to a campground's reception hall, and had fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, and chips. A lot of people were there. Oh, I forgot to explain, the whole weekend was a "Westport Run." My dad belongs to a old car club called "Eastside Street Rods," and they hosted the weekend. People with old cars would come and register and show off their cars. We provide food, entertainment, and door prizes. Dad said about 80 cars came.

Saturday: We woke up, had continental breakfast (boring). Then went to town. Went into quite few cute shops. Candy shops. Kite shops. Taffy shops. The donut shop smelled SOO good but we were strong and didn't go in. Abby got gummi bears, and Jon got some taffy. My mom bought Abby a shirt. It's a pink tie-dyed shirt with daisies and "Westport, WA" embroidered on front. Came back to the motel, and rested a bit, and Jon parents came. Then we went to Westport Winery to taste few wines. They had such a cute gift shop. I was very tempted to buy "Chocolate Pasta!" We bought a bottle of wine, a dessert wine, which tastes like raspberries and chocolate. YUM!!!

Then we went back to town to look at even more shops. Didn't buy anything this time. The old cars were lined up, and people were looking at them. Went back to motel to rest a bit more. Jon and his dad played horseshoes. Abby tagged along. I fed Sami.

Then we went to the Grange. The car club made dinner for everybody (probably 200-250 people). Had Mahi Mahi, Salmon, baked potatoes, salad, rolls, and orange ice cream dessert cups. We had fun people watching. Jon, Abby and his dad played some frisbee out in the baseball field.

Before I know it, it was Sunday. We all went out to breakfast then went home. It was sad to see it end, but we were happy to be home.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Quirky...

I love little surprises around the corners. Like for example, I found a great website for Abby! Called She absolutely love it!!! Something NEW. She was getting bored of the Sesame Street website. I also know she'll like but it's too advanced for her right now.

And something funny happened this morning. As I was busy packing for our big weekend in Westport (We're leaving in an hour). I glanced and saw a nice biscuit of POOP resting on our carpet! I quickly looked at Trigger. She was just walking around... Then I realized something, I immediately looked at Abby. She gave me "I'm innocent!" look. Hmm who did this??? I cannot believe I have TWO suspects now. All these time, I, hundred percent know it's from Trigger, but this time I'm baffled....! I had to ask Abby, "did you poop on the carpet?" And she proudly declared, "YES!"......... Hmm I don't know if I should believe her or not... Oh well, I picked up the poop and flushed it down. It's still going in my mind, who really did this?

We're all raring to go to Westport. We're waiting for Jon to finish showering and packing. I'm hoping Sami will wake up for another feeding before we go, so she won't be hungry on the whole trip. We'll be staying at a hotel next to the beach. My parents are also staying at the hotel. And my mom told me her friend's daughter's family is also coming and her granddaughter is about Abby's age. It'll be a fun stay at the hotel!

Of course, I packed the car with everything except the kitchen sink.

Pheewww, Trigger kept farting.... We're leaving her home this weekend. Jon's parents will swing by often to let her out, food, water, medications, etc.

Hmm what else? I feel fat...

Ok, I revealed too much. BYE!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Money, Money, Money!

I'm doomed. I realize it now. I now no longer enjoy food shopping. I just went there couple hours ago to pick up few things... Ended up spending over $50. Just for few things?!? Okay, so I may have sneaked in few extra in my cart. They were on sale. They weren't that expensive. (excuses, excuses)

I wanted an avocado and found out it costs $2.69 for ONE SINGLE AVOCADO... I turned away in disgust, but yet, I bought two boxes of crackers because they were 2/$5. So, which is better? I could have bought that stupid avocado and no crackers and saved money. But crackers are more filling... TWO boxes of crackers... (long sighs)

I came home and decided to sign up for "The Grocery Game" again. I did that three years ago, and it sure saved us a lot of money on grocery bills. I quit because I couldn't find good coupons in our Sunday newspaper (essential for the game). This time, I am going to try again, hoping the coupons will be more available than 3 years ago. And also I quit because my pantry was getting too full of junk food. This time, I'll aim for healthier foods, even if I have to wait a bit longer until they go on sale. Junk foods can linger in pantry and get piled up fast, while healthy foods goes bad. Aughhh, don't you hate when that happens?

In case you're wondering, it's at . It costs about $5 per month, yet saves you hundreds of dollars. It's SOOO worth it. The effort for finding right coupons is sooo worth it too. Like, if there's a toothbrush on sale for $1.50 and you found the coupon for $1.00 off, then you only pay $0.50 for a toothbrush. Sometimes things end up being free. I heard one lady got $300 worth of food and only paid $24. or something like that... Jeezzzz! Imagine how much gas you can buy!

I just read a realistic story. A man didn't know what to get his girlfriend for her birthday. She told him, "Just take me to an expensive place." So, he dropped her off at a gas station.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

12 Weeks Old Today!

Psst... Sami's already 12 weeks old now. Does that mean 3 months old? But it's not July 17th.... That's next week. So, I'm confused.

Here's what she has been doing so far:

*Making more face expressions.

*interacting more with you.

*"talking" to you, carrying a full conversation. "aaahhooo, eeehhh hhaaaa ooooonnnah.."

*Weight more than 12 pounds, and outgrew some of her clothes.

*Still sleeps through the night.

*Crys a lot less now, and just like to sit up and watch the world go by.

*working on her neck and ab muscles, trying to sit up as far as she could!

*Sometimes won't take a nap because she wants to watch everything.

*Likes to watch TV (I had to turn her around so she won't get too much exposure).

*Won't drink her bottle unless she's watching TV (SIGHHHH). Like mommy, I guess....!

*Loves to kick her blanket off, thinks it's a game.

*Likes her duck blankie (it's not a blanket, it's more like a kerchief).

*Lets Trigger lick her feet, actually likes it!

*Likes Cuban cigars.... JUST KIDDIN'!!!

I am really enjoying watching her grow. I sure can't wait until she can actually play with Abby, and Abby get to play with her. Two small kids instead of a kid and a baby. Abby LOVES to try to play with her, but I have to watch her like a hawk so Abby can't accidentally hurt Sami. I think Sami's on the verge of sitting up on her own. Her attempts to sit up is rather strong!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cupcake Monster!

Thanks, Steve for letting me use these photos! I especially cracked over the last picture of her eating. It looks like she had bunny teeth! LOL!!! I also included a nice sister picture at the end, just because it's sweet, just like a cupcake...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Finally broke in and bought ourselves a Wii. I wanted Wii-Fit but they didn't have it... Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. At least it'll give us few days to figure the machine and how it all works.

Our fourth of July was fun. We went to Gig Harbor and spent most of it in a backyard. Tom cooked up great burgers and brats. Had a wonderful strawberry-rhubarb pie. Abby had fun blowing bubbles, eating cupcakes and ice cream.

Wished there were pictures but I forgot to bring the camera. Sighs... but Jon's friend, Steve captured few pictures of Abby enjoying her cupcake. If he'll let me, I'll copy and paste the pictures via his flickr account and post it here....

Ok, gotta go. Hope to hear from all of you soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wow!!!! Look at this!!

Can you guess which is Abby's and which is Sami's?

Sheesh, lots of similaries. I didn't realize until a friend gave me a heads up.

Ocean Shores

We decided to go to Ocean Shores to beat the heat on Sunday. We left before the heat strikes. At the beach, it was hazy, misty, or foggy. We couldn't see the ocean very well. But it was SOOO NICE... it was 62 degrees, and felt so perfect. The sand was warm. We flew a kite, played frisbee, and just played in the sand. Trigger had fun too! Been SO long since she was at the beach.

When we came home, opened the car doors, and it felt like an oven! (92+ degrees) Ughhh! So we went over to Jon's folks for dinner (they had A/C) and then went over to their neighbor's house to let Abby play in their inflatable pool with their boys.

It was a very fun day!

Isn't this sweeeeet?

Aww, I finally captured a few smiling pictures! She was just smilin' away...