Monday, January 28, 2008

Wow, School's Canceled!

Yayy... My first snow day!

I actually overslept this morning. YIKES so I got up, woke Abby up, got dressed fast, and checked the news and it said my school was canceled for today. YAYYYYYY.

We came back inside few minutes ago from playing in the snow. Abby had so much fun! She wanted to make a snowman. But the snow wouldn't compact (too dry). (Sighs) But we still had fun, she would toss snow like confetti. Walk around and looking back, looking at her footsteps. We walked all around the block.

She's now having hot chocolate (warm, actually). And I'm here typing away.

Update on pregnancy: I finally got my "diet plan" in the mail from my Ob/Gyn and it was just a 2-page of a "Sample Diet." Sheesh... It didn't say much. Just limiting my carbs, but it didn't say a word about sugar intake. I will have to ask the doctor again at my next check-up which is February 6th (28 weeks). I've been trying to cut down a lot on sweets, and putting more protein into my diet. I think I WAS doing okay except for too much sweets. If I cut out sugar, then I'll be fine. I compared the "Sample Diet" to what I was currently eating, and there isn't much change, just eat more protein.

The baby have been moving a lot lately. Last night, the movements felt so strange, almost like she had fast hiccups. Hic-Hic-Hic-Hic. Or she was kicking me out of boredom. Or bouncing a ball in there....? :-)

Yesterday, I bought some fabric for baby's room curtains. Found out the fabric's too thin, that it lets light in too much. I should have bought blackout fabric too. But I really don't want to spend more money! Augggh... So, I looked around the house for a "replacement." And found old quilted mattress cover. Hmmmm that could work... I just have to figure out the measurements so it'll cover most of the window. It may not be long enough, but if it covers majority of the window, that's good... But I HATE MATH!

The baby's room is painted. I just need to add some personal touches. Then the next major thing I gotta do is to drag all of Abby's old clothes and wash them, fold them, and put them in the baby's room. Ugh, there's like, 10 boxes of clothes!! They're all mixed up in sizes. I'll have to sort through them out. I wished I took more time sorting them while Abby was outgrowing them, but didn't. I just threw them into a box and when the box's full, we move it to the basement, and start with an empty box.

Wow, the sun is sure melting snow fast! I wonder if it'll snow again tonight...? :-)


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blood Test Results

Jon told me last night, that I needed to call my doctor about my blood test results, and he added that it's "not urgent."

Anyway, I called the office this morning. I talked to the nurse about the test findings. She said my first hour blood is "Elevated." And my 2nd hour and 3rd hour were normal. She emphasized that I am NOT diabetic. The doctor would like me to follow a better diet (cut down on carbs) for the next 6 weeks, and try the 1 hour gluose test again.

Bottom line -- I'm guilty for eating too much JUNK! (sighs).... The past holidays did not help. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...etc. It probably made my eating habits worse. When I was pregnant with Abby, it was from January to September. There wasn't that many junk-foods holidays in between those months. Thus, that's why my blood was normal with Abby.

That's life, eh?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy weekend

Only 97 days left to go... I guess in a week, I'll officially be in my 3rd trimester. That is the most uncomfortable. First trimester was bad because I had really bad morning sickness. 2nd trimester is the best... it's like the silent before the storm. My energy starts to build up again, I can eat more. Then here comes 3rd trimester... it's when I feel like a whale! Heaviness... bloating... constantly hungry... and cannot move much. I already have a hard time tying my shoes. I have to hold my breath while I bend over then when I get up, I gasp for breath again.

(sighs) Abby won't let me type any more. So I gotta go!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Blood Suck!

I went in for my one-hour gluose test last Friday. It's part of the pregnancy testing, to see how my blood sugar is.

Well, guess what? I failed!! :-(

My blood sugar is too high for their standards so they want me to come in for the 3 hour test. I will be going in tomorrrow. (sighs) If I fail this one, that means I have gestational diabetes. (it goes away when the baby's born)

I'm a nervous wreck. I found out about my test results on Tuesday night, and since then, I couldn't find anything to eat. I'm too nervous to eat, which might be "THE WRONG STUFF?"

So I took a deep breath... I obviously need to eat. I can't just starve to death, and that'll harm the baby even more. So, I am eating, slowly... with caution... with lots and lots of water...

I had to rationalize -- If I pass tomorrow's 3 hour test, I will be okay. The baby will be okay. It's not the end of the world. If I fail, I know I will have support of doctors and nutritionist. I will have to go on a special diet. Everything will still be okay.... Everything will be all right....

Will it!?!?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

109 days to go...

Wow, been sooooo busy that nearly a month have passed since I posted my last blog.

Christmas was good. Kinda different this year. Christmas Eve at my folks' house was as hectic as every year. Then we spent Christmas quietly at home with Jon's folks. We didn't make any major plans since we could be called to the hospital any time. Amber (Jon's bro's wife) was veryyyy pregnant and was supposed to be due on December 22. So.... Christmas came and went.

December 30 -- Finally, she had her baby! A baby girl, named Ellie Grace. We drove up to Seattle to see them. Very beautiful baby. It was Abby's first time seeing a real newborn. She was very shy at first. I don't think she knows how to act around the baby.

New Year's Eve. Abby and I stayed home, and Jon went to his folks' neighborhood party. Not much new. Jon came home like, 2 minutes before midnight and managed to kiss me on New Years. Aww, isn't that sweet?

Let's see, what else?

We had some snow yesterday morning! My school was 2 hours late. It was REALLY NICE. Abby and I did some water color painting before I had to leave for work. She absolutely loved it. Then I had to go upstairs to do something, and by the time I came back down, I saw this:

LOL!!!!! She decided to paint her face. Kind of looked like a cat!

Ok, I need to go. Abby wants to play online (Sesame Street).

Hope I'll come back sooner than every month. -Amanda