Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

Let's see... My Best of 2008:

1. Birth of Samantha, just mere 10 days before my birthday, and on same day as my bro-in-law's birthday. And being able to recover quickly from my c-section.

2. Abby "grew" overnight! Her intelligence, her sense of humor, her independence, it's like having a KID instead of a toddler. And she's only 3....

3. My job at school. I love working with deaf kids and that they are learning something new. Sense of accomplishment by teaching them a thing or two.

4. Having a wonderful husband, who really do help out with two kids, keeping house clean, yard neatly trimmed, cars washed, minor repairs here and there, and still cook us dinners once in a while. I thank heaven for him.

5. No car accidents this year!

6. No broken bones, no serious illness, no deaths of closed ones this year.

7. It was a nice quiet year with a new baby and a kid. No major trauma! :-)

8. Got to see "Nutcracker" with my daughter. A newly found tradition.

9. Saved LOTS of money with food shopping by stocking up on sale items.

10. Looking forward to our big trip to Hawaii in April!

What's your BEST OF 2008?
And by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let the new changes come...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Poor Dog!

I captured this short video of Trigger in our back yard! Remember, my previous post said a crispy crust of ice on top of snow.

Needless to say, she wasn't that happy...

By the way, it's STILL SNOWING!

Guess what we got last night!

This was taken last night. Well over a foot of snow fell overnight! Then I got up at 3:30 AM and saw that it was raining.

So, this morning, we have over a foot of snow with a crispy crust of ice on top. It cracks with every foot step.

Not a real fun snow to play in though....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow and more snow!

Ohmygosh... Snow kept falling and falling. It started around 1:00 and going nonstop. No winds though (YET).
I was watching the length of snow on our outdoor table. This morning, it was about 5-6 inches. Just now, I walked into the kitchen and glanced and it looks like a foot or more on the table!

My school was canceled since Wednesday. So, our Christmas vacation actually started early. I'm sure we'll have to make up the days in the summer...

We went to Tacoma Mall this morning before the snow came. I fell in love with Uggs slippers and I got them!!! Yayyyyyy. I know, the name's awful, but SOOOOO comfy and WARM.

I guess I just like shoes with odd names: Crocs, Uggs, Ahnu, Sloggers, and Sketchers.

Ok, I'd better go... I'm fully prepared in case power goes out. And it's Abby's bedtime so I gotta tuck her in.

Hope you're safely at home and the snow brings NO problem for all of you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Her First Snowman!

I don't really need to say anything. This video pretty much explains it all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Baby


I just had to capture this short video! Too funny to pass up.

As of 2:39 PM, we have about 6 inches of snow on the ground. It has been falling steadily all day. Jon's work was canceled. My school was canceled. Everyone gets to stay home. Jon and Abby went outside to play!

This video was taken about couple hours later after Abby came in.

Note: it has some nudity! The house was warm by the way.... :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Signing Santa!

We went to see Signing Santa last night! It was held AT MY SCHOOL. How convenient was that?! Saw a lot of new and old friends there. Some of my students. Some people I have never seen before. Abby was EXCITED! She was SO looking forward to sitting on Santa's lap. She has been afraid of Santa since... birth. (mere 3 years ago). Even last year, when my brother-in-law dressed up as Santa, she was still afraid of "Santa."

She asked for a guitar. There were tables full of toys for kids to pick out after sitting on Santa's lap. Abby picked out "Mommy and Baby Barbie" set. It came with a small crib, changing table/dresser, chair, and lots of those pesty little things not bigger than your pinkie nail. Milk bottle, rattles, toys, etc. The baby isn't even bigger than my own thumb. I'm sure I'll step on those tiny toys at two in the morning. *ouch*

Sami was sooo tired that she was in "I don't care" mode. Abby thinks she wants a Remote Control from Santa. HA, it's because everytime I hold Sami on my lap on the couch, she's always reaching for the remote.

It was fun. Snowman, Reindeer and clown were there, entertaining.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's ON!

Our Thanksgiving was a nice one. Sorta... On Thanksgiving morning, Sami was sick with a terrible cold. Day one. And she never was sick before so she was kind of freaking out when she doesn't feel good. I had to give her lots of TLC.

We drove up to Marysville and spent a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my folks. Jon's folks joined us too. Then spent the night up there and went to the Outlet stores for some bargains the next day (didn't find any..).

But I was SO looking forward to CHRISTMAS! I just wanted to get everything out and start decorating!!!

This was taken on Saturday morning, right after Thanksgiving. All the girls were having fun with daddy! Even Trigger *must* be in the picture, due to some itty bitty jealousy... :-)

Later this afternoon, I whipped out the camera and told them to look at me. Sami flashed her biggest smile at me! Wow! I barely even have to tell her to smile. She's now 7.5 months old.

Our Christmas tree is up! I wanted the ornaments to be mainly just red and white. "Peppermint Tree" I call it... It gets rearranged every 15 minutes by a three-year old mystery girl....! Somehow, I cannot seem to get the tree to stay up straight.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Went to Seattle Children's in Olympia, and saw a doctor, gave him a copy of Sami's hip x-rays.

He peered over the x-rays, and examinated Sami's hips. Sami was crying because it was past her normal naptime, and didn't like being handled like this!

Anyway, after a careful examination, and measuring her bones on x-rays, the conclusion:


Long-term - Doctors will always be checking her hips until she learns how to walk, and they'll let us know if they feel worried.

Bottom line- NO PROBLEM FOUND!

Sami finally found how noisy the paper lining underneath her... stopped crying and started playing with the paper. CRINKLE, CRINKLE!

Then we went to Tacoma Mall for a nice day of shopping. Jon carried Abby on top of his shoulders and I just had to LAUGH! I took a picture.... Here it is!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures of homemade leg warmers

See my new leg warmers! I love them, my legs stay warm!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thrifty Girl!

Thrifty Girl is at it again!

Still saving over 50% on grocery bills.

My friend was over and we were chatting about 1980's stuff (i.e. Leg Warmers)... Then it led to baby leg warmers. She was telling me about a product called "BabyLegs" and it made a lot of sense. It's like stockings but only up to hip line. I can still change diapers. It's less bothersome. And when Sami's pants are too short or rides up, the leg warmers are there to keep her calves warm. Perfect for winter.....

So, I looked it up online, and realized how expensive they were! $12 for ONE pair!?! So I checked out Ebay for them... Still pretty expensive!

Then a light bulb dinged....

HANDMADE? Is it possible? So, I googled it up.

Ah-ha!!!!!! Buy knee-high socks or trouser socks, clip bottom off, hem it. Then voila...

Went to Goodwill to look for socks. Doesn't have any... Went to dollar store next door, and they had many good socks! So I bought 4 pairs. You know, if I screw up couple times.... I can still work on more socks.

Pulled out and blew dust off my sewing machine. And managed to get two "Handmade Baby Legs" out of those two pairs of socks. I screwed one up, so I threw it away. As I was working on third pair, my sewing machine went Kaput. I think it is overdue for a tune-up. So, I just gave up. At least I have two good pairs.

So, to buy "real" one pair =$12
Money I spent to make two pairs =$4.32

Whoo hoo!!!!

I love it when I save money like that.

I'll try to remember to post pictures of Sami with her BabyLegs on. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Someone behind me is singing. Ahh--aAHHHHA---ahhh--aaaaaammmmpppppppppphhh-Ahhhhh.

I hear 'mmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmmaaaa' Is that her first word?!? "Ma?" Did you say "MA?" Say MAMA! Mama!


(staring at me like I have a bowl full of pasta on top of my head)



"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppphhhhhhh" then stared to complain/cry.

(sighs...) Maybe next time.

ANYWAY, I had my MRI this afternoon. My medication for hip burisitis didn't work, so my doctor sent me to get an MRI. My first one. Ack. I was nervous.

Went there. Waited in a waiting room.... Sent me to another waiting room. This one was a bit better because it had a TV (but no captions). Waited some more. Then got called in, changed my clothes to a gown. Then led to a room where MRI is done. The tech explained to me how MRI will feel, and I can back out if I'm clausphobic. I AM but not that severe. I agreed to go ahead. If I felt too uncomfortable, I can wiggle my fingers and they'll stop it.

Said there will be vibrations, and it's VERY LOUD, he offered me ear mufflers. I told him, I'm deaf, I don't need those. Ended up the noise was barely a whisper to me. The MRI will take 30 minutes. WOW, 30 MINUTES! And I can't move. I can breath but no big movements like moving my fingers...!

Guess what I did in the MRI capsule?


Yes, I was that tired. I was on Vicodin, and had a rough day at school due to not feeling too good.

Ohh it was total bliss!!!! I could do that everyday, if I could. Tee-hee.....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hi there!

Here's Sami's 6 month update:

She's now 17 pounds, 9 ounces, and is 25 1/4 inches tall. She got 4 shots and one of them is the flu shot. Poor kid. She had a 101.4 fever today, so I stayed home and took care of her all day.

Everything looks good. I asked about her hips and why I need to go to a different specialist, and she explained to me. I now understand. I thought they meant her fat fold on her inner thighs. Nope, she flipped Sami over and showed me that her bottom buttocks doesn't line up correctly, so that's why they want to double-check. And also found out Seattle Children's is also in Olympia too. DUH... I don't NEED to drive all the way to Seattle.

As for MY update on my hip bursitis - I'm still taking medication, and seems to be helping a bit but not 100% healed yet. My biggest pain is when I bend over to pick up things off the floor. I'm now telling Abby to pick up stuff off the floor for me. Nice having a kid slave, eh? :-)

Halloween is coming up soon! There's sooo many activities I want to take Abby and Sami to but I can't choose... And I'm sure they all will be packed to the max. We may just stay home and tour around our own neighborhood. Like last year's. Abby had a good time that way. Abby will be a LION, and Sami will be a pumpkin OR a duck. I need to put the duck costume on her and see if it is too big.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yup, it's hip burisitis. I now have medication for it, only 6 days worth of medication. Doc said I'll be good as new in 5 days. And call back if I don't.

That's pretty much it. This is day 2 and I'm not much better yet. Hopefully it'll go away soon.

Sami's 6 month check-up is tomorrow! Sure can't wait to see how much she has grown! She's already grabbing food. Yesterday, she devoured my Milano cookies! First time I ever seen her snatch it out of my hands. I tried to take it back, then she gave a longggg wail then I realized, ah, it's a soft cookie. She can gum on it.

Got mess? :-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm not old, I'm not old, I'm not old!

Aw man, I do feel like an old woman lately. Not talking in age-years. But in body health/flexibility.

A bit more than 2 weeks ago, I began having hip pain. I thought nothing of it. Maybe just a sprain or something. Maybe I just bumped my hip somewhere. After few days, I started noticing that it hasn't gone away yet. Hmph, how strange. At the same time, I caught a real bad cold. Maybe my body is just taking it's time to recover, longer than usual. You know, I'm a very busy mom, and I always put my kids first before my health. Bad me, I know...

Last Friday, I lay in bed, recounting back when I had hip pain, and how long it lasted.... wow, more than two weeks?!? So, I called my doctor to make an appointment. Tuesday at 3:15 PM. Ok, I can do that and hung up.

It seems strange. After I hung up, I feel better that I have an appointment to get it checked out, but my hip pain GOTTEN WORSE! It's like my body is now realizing it's in pain. AUGGGHH.

Been taking Tylenol every 4-6 hours. (sighs). I hate having to get in the car. I hate having to pick up the paper clip that I dropped on the floor. I don't want to pick up the toys! It's too painful. Even when I stand above Sami, getting ready to swoop her up from her rocker, the thought makes me wince. Isn't that sad? When I get out of the car, I have to stand outside for few minutes, biting my tongue waiting for the pain to subside before I can even move.

I feel OKAY when I'm walking or standing. But when I sit, I feel okay. The most painful is when I GET UP from sitting position, or when I BEND over to pick something up. I have a hard time putting my socks on. I no longer wear shoes that I need to tie.

I just want to cry.

I'm not old yet!

Been checking the website, and came across "Hip Bursitis." Maybe that's what I have. I will certainly mention that to the doctor. Hopefully he'll know and how to treat so I can feel better again.

Wish me luck!
Thanks for letting me vent...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guess who's 6 months old?

Hi! My name's Sami!

I can:

*laugh AT you!

*Grab YOUR hair.

*Bang my hands on anything I can touch.

*Yell at my big sister.

*Talk to my dog in "Dog Language."

*Tell mommy exactly what I want.

*Squeals in delight when I see daddy.

*I love to lay on the floor and wiggle around.

*I'm learning how to sit up, but not quite there yet... I fall over.

*I LOVE splashing in the bath tub!

*I don't like it when mommy wakes me up in the mornings.

*When my milk bottle is empty, I like to juggle the bottle.

*I want to drink on my own, but my hands aren't cooperating.

*I love to hear bedtime stories with Abby.

*I am trying out new foods. I tried squash yesterday, and I liked it!

*Mommy showed me the halloween decorations last night, and I raspberried at them.

*I get scared if Daddy chases Abby around the house.

*Mommy, the "peek-a-boo" is getting too old for me.

*I like watching "The Wiggles" with Abby in the mornings.

*I like watching people, and I'm a late night big-time talker.

My 6 month appointment will be next Friday, October 24, which is my granddaddy's birthday! We will let you know how heavy I am, how everything looks, and all that! :-) So, stay in touch!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How it's like when we get home...

I recorded about 3 minutes worth of how it's like when I get home. Trigger came home from the vet yesterday. She had hematoma in her right ear. It's basically broken blood vessels and pooling blood into her ear, causing her ear to blow up just like a water balloon. The vet had to operate on it to drain the blood and fix it. The buttons are there for pressure and keeping the blood vessels compressed in order to heal. The collar is for so she couldn't scratch her ear.

As you can see, Abby was grumpy!!! And Sami was kind of happy then when she heard Abby cry then she'll cry too. Trigger's collar is annoying to all of us. We sure can't wait until it's off. You can certainly hear Abby complaining!

If the movie is slow, I apologize. It's a bit over 3 minutes long.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heart Wrecking

I'm so sad.... I have to make an appointment for Sami to go to Seattle Children's Hospital. It sounded like a different doctor took a look at her hip x rays and suggested we should get her checked out more thoroughly. Our first doctor said the x rays looked fine.

I don't want to hear bad news! But it has to be done. Maybe they'll find nothing again. Crossing our fingers!!! Our appointment may be on November 11. I'll have to take that day off work.

Sami is sitting next to me, laughing at me, cooing, talking... Maybe that's her way of telling me that everything will be alright. What a sweetie....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fairy Ring?

Yesterday, I just noticed there was a circle in our back yard lawn. Almost as if a mouse or mole ran 50 times in a same circle then went home.

This morning, I showed the circle to Jon and he suspects it is a "Fairy Ring."

I've never heard of it! Have you? I just googled it up using Image Only button. They show pictures of mushrooms in a circle, but we don't have mushrooms -- YET.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary...zzzzzz....

Hey, guess what?
Monday's our 7th year Anniversary, and I ain't feeling too hot. What great timing, eh?

But anyhoo, we did have a good weekend! Saturday, we dumped our girls at their grandparents place, "stole" their Mercedes Benz and raced to Ocean Shores.

We broke into Quinault Casino/Resort hotel and into room 366. We dropped our luggage. Looked at each other... "Now what?" We ARE young parents of a 3 year old and a 5 month old. But we now have no kids at this hour. No rushing, no meeting their demands. No crying. No poopy diapers. hallelujah. We heard angels....

First thing we did -- TOOK A LONG NAP! hallelujah. hallelujah.

Woke up, refreshed, and took a nice leisurely drive up state route 109 to Moclips. Ate at a really nice restaurant. Jon had the duck, and I had seafood fettuccine. They gave us dessert for free because it was our anniversary! NICE!!!

We came back to the hotel and relaxed with a nice bottle of champagne and chocolates.

The morning came by too quick. We checked out, ate breakfast at McDonald's, and then came back to Olympia.

Picked up our kids, and came back home. Everything was back to CHAOS again. And now, Sami's not feeling too well. She pooped three times in less than 3 hours. Ugh... Nice timing, and now I'm feeling icky.

Maybe I just need a vacation from this weekend.

By the way, grocery shopping's still going strong! Been at it for 10 weeks now. My weekly Out Of Pocket budget naturally went down from $100 to $60 per week, still saving over 50%. I feel like a squirrel, trying to find places to hide our food. Especially with this Federal Bailout thing going on in the news, it ain't a bad idea to stock up. Somebody said if it doesn't go through or something, we could be looking at another "Great Depression." (????) Hope that never happens! But, in case it did, we'll be okay!

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $2101.61
OOP: $1003.45
Savings: $1098.16 (52%)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Abby Swinging

Here's a short video of Abby swinging all by herself! She's so independent now. I miss my little baby...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abby's 3rd Birthday Video!


Trying the video clip on my blog, to see how it works. The cake had THREE layers and had about 20 pounds of pink frosting on it. A cow made from sculpting clay sits on the cake with a "surprise" sitting behind the cow (clue: It's brown and lumpy).

Took quick sweep around the room, showing family.

Mom, Nephew Charie, Jill (in-law), Sabrina, baby Kaylee, Jeff, Amber, baby Ellie, Dad, Richard (in-law) and Jill (couldn't see her-- too quick).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Aw shucks....!

I was going to post about Abby's 3rd Birthday two weeks ago. But we were having laptop problems. Found out the hard drive got fried. So, yesterday Jon went out and bought a new laptop.
Sad news is that we lost the birthday pictures. I put it on our old laptop and then erased it from our camera (d'oh!).

I'm hoping Jill (YES, YOU!) will give me copies of your pictures. Especially the cake....

Her birthday went good. It was all family. We decided to go small this year because with Sami in this world, our lives have became busier and we rarely have time to plan elaborate parties. I barely have time to get on the computer.
Oops, speaking of Sami, she woke up crying.... I gotta go.

Oh by the way, Abby's first day in PRESCHOOL is tomorrow! Yayyyy, thus that's why I cleared out our digital camera.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Still going strong, and getting stronger

This is my 7th week of doing Grocery Game, and the last two weeks, I saved 57% (over half) my food bill. I did not even go over $100 per week. My "natural" food budget was about $130 per week and we gotten little food. (Bare necessaries)

Now, my "natural" food budget is $100 (or less) a week and we get over double the food amount. I'm struggling to find ROOM for all the food! I'm even trying to convince Jon that we need a new (bigger) freezer! Today, $230 worth of food for $99. Whoo-Hoo!!!

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $1630.81
OOP: $783.07
Savings: $847.74 (52%)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abby's Dentist / Farmers' Market

Hi there!
Yesterday was quite a day. I took Abby to the dentist to get a filling. Yep, she got a teeny tiny cavity (sobs).

She did GREAT at the dentist... We came in, she sat down with a big smile across her face. Saw the dentist, said "hi!" Then he proceed to lower and flatten the chair. The motor spooked Abby but she was content immediately. The dentist explained what he'll be doing. Gave her "happy gas." She just laid there, with the HUGE gas mask over her face, (PAUSE: chasing after Trigger because she ate Abby's pancakes, yelled at her and put her in the garage) it covered maybe 70% of her face.

She breathed in deeply. She was starting to get anxious. Her upper body was as still as a statue, but her lower body was wiggling all over. Then they showed how they use the "saliva extractor" and she was hesitant about it. (PAUSE: a pesky fly we've been after for 2 days is finally on our coffee table, I grabbed the fly swatter and went after it) After a lot of coaxing, they gave her shots in her inner cheek to numb the area. Done. Here comes the drill... (PAUSE: Abby wants her milk in a DIFFERENT CUP!) He gave the drill a few taps on her molar, and she wanted them to stop! She wanted to get out of the chair. So they backed off. They don't want to scare her any further. Traumatize her. (PAUSE: I finally caught the fly! I swatted it down hard on the table, smashing the fly into three pieces. Ahhh what satisfaction! Scraped with tissue and tossed in garbage)

So, we walked out to the car. I pulled her up to her carseat, and realize the corner of her mouth is bleeding. (PAUSE: Abby's WHINING that she wanted to get the fly. I told her there'll be more later. No no no, She wants THAT ONE (the dead one) NOWWWWW) I completely forgot her cheek is numb, and when your cheek is numb, you can't feel the pain if you bite it. She bit her inner cheek, no no no, CHEWED her inner cheek. Ewwwww. We went back inside and asked for gauzes.

Been giving her Tylenol around the clock. Her lower left lip is swollen from all the chewing. Gave her soft foods, avoiding salty foods.


Fast Forward to 5:30 PM. The babysitter came (Thanks, Maria!!!) and we went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Olympia. It was closed...obviously... they're having a huge dinner called "Taste of The Market." Basically, every upscale restaurant will come down, and prepare gourmet foods and we get to eat them! We are the judges. There was some down-to-earth foods, and some exotic foods. I would grab my clean white shiny plate and go around the market, getting small portions of food gracefully put on my plate. I sometimes would eat while I'm waiting in a short line for more food. The crab cakes from Budd Bay restaurant was heaven! The salmon "hash" from Waterstreet Cafe was good too! The pasta from Sorrentio's was delicious! Lots and lots and lots of samples to choose from. Oysters, sausages, ravoli, steak, clam claws, shrimp, veal, etc. Yes, you're right, I STUFFED MYSELF SILLY! And I haven't even had dessert yet. Oh man... I mustered up to find room for dessert. (a girl must have her chocolate)
Got rocky road brownie, peanut butter brownie, oatmeal brownie, pecan tart, raspberry shortcake. I couldn't even finish. Then I eyed a pear sorbet in raspberry spritizer, ah-ha, I need to try that!


They had door prizes, raffle drawing, etc. We didn't win anything. Drats. But I did get to keep the flower arrangement from the table we were sitting at.

Got home... Jon and I didn't have good nights sleep because of all the food churning in our delicate tummies.

But all in all-- WE HAD FUN!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm mad at!

I've been faithful to's photo site. I loved the way they uploaded pictures fast, had a nice slideshow, and free shipping.

Few months ago, they changed... Now it's nearly impossible to use it. Uploading would take three times as long. Sometimes I cannot even open an album. Or the slideshow will freeze, or not run at all. I cannot even type in my personal message if I want to send my albums out to family and friends. I know they're working on getting rid of the bugs. They even offered 50 free prints. But if they don't get the bugs out, they're going to lose me as a customer! I am going there now and file a complaint. I think we ALL should get 200 FREE PRINTS! (grumbles)

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $1247.08
OOP: $617.66
Savings: (50%)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yayy! A note from the doctor!

Yeah, when we get a note from our kids' doctor in the mail, we cringe.

Jon opened it up, and we were very relieved!

Sami's hip x-rays showed that her hips are completely normal. YAYYYYYY! We had to take her in for x-rays when she hit her 4-month mark. Since she was born breeched (Frank breech, to be exact), they were worried about her hip sockets. If her hips weren't okay, she would have had casts on for several weeks.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love my Wii Fit!

Yayyyy got one!!!! FINALLY!
Been trying to find one forever. Always sold out everywhere. Then on Monday, my friend texted me that there's some at Target. She works there few days a week. I couldn't get out of the house due to my kids. I texted her back "Buy it for me, and I'll pay you back pronto!"

And she did! Thank you!!!

Today was the day I finally coaxed Abby to take a nap (GO TAKE A NAP!). She grumbled and went upstairs. Then I started the Wii Fit up. Tried the Hula Hoop, the jogging, tilt-a-board, skiing, etc. I learned that I suck at soccer! Anyway, it was fun! I am planning on trying to do it every day before the kids wake up.

Tonight, Jon did some and Abby just had to copy him. LOL! It was really cute seeing a man and a little girl twirling hips in sync, trying to do the hula hoop game.

It was money well spent. I consider it my reward from saving half our food bill. Whoo-hoo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abby got something new!

She looks much older with her new haircut! She really wanted a haircut so we let her get one. She loves it! It actually makes her hair look thicker and healthier. And of course, the last picture, she really wanted to make a funny face.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nearly Cherry Picking Time!

Our pantry's stocked. Our deep freezer's stocked. What else? I think I completed the "stockpiling session." So, the only things we need to shop for is necessaries (milk, veggies, and anything that have a very short shelf life). Ahhh... It's a nice feeling...

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $982.37
OOP: $484.10
Savings: (51%)

Average cost of food per week: $96.82 (for family of 3.5!) and will continue to go down.

I think I joined a cult....!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Cloud Nine

After purchasing 15 Kool-Aid packets (needed them anyway) got these for free!

*Kraft ranch dressing
*Wheat Thins
*Oscar Mayer Hot dogs
*Crystal Light mix
*Kraft Cheese Singles

Spent: $4.77 to get $20.22 worth of food for FREE

Ahhh, no more spending over $50 for ridiculous few items anymore.
Life is Good!

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $757.08
OOP: $379.71
Savings: (50%)

An interesting article...Please read.

It's pretty hard to find anything good about gasoline prices hovering at an all-time high in the U.S., but I know that my grandmother would find something positive to point out. That's just the way she was. She could always find a rainbow no matter how dark the storm.

I thought about her recently when I read about professors Michael Morrisey, Ph.D. of the University of Alabama and David Grabowski, Ph.D. of Harvard Medical School. They studied traffic fatalities from 1985 to 2006 when the price of gas hit $2.50 a gallon. They've found that for every 10 percent increase in gas prices, there's been a 2.3 percent decline in auto-related deaths. Now that gas prices have pierced the $4-a-gallon mark, they expect to see a drop of about 1,000 deaths per month. In those terms, it's pretty difficult to loathe the high cost of gas. Well, maybe not loathe it quite as much.

There's also another good thing about rising gas costs. People are shifting where they want to live and shop so they stay closer to work and home. That means that some blighted areas close to inner cities are getting revitalized, all because of the high cost of gas.

By staying closer to home, shoppers are helping out the smaller local stores that struggle to survive. That's what is happening in Thomasville, Alabama, a town that was slowly dying and now is seeing a major resurgence. In fact, the once-sleepy town is experiencing traffic jams on its main street from shoppers who can no longer afford the gas to drive many miles away to a big, fancy mall.

If it's any further consolation for the poor economy, Americans are racking up debt at a slower pace these days because it's getting increasingly difficult to acquire new credit.

We're also eating out less which, I can only assume, means we're cooking at home more. Could it be that this slowing economy might actually be good for families by bringing them back to the dinner table?

There are a few economists who argue that a recession could make us healthier. When times are economically tough, they say, we take better care of ourselves, are more likely to look after others and, surprisingly, we become less anxious. Edward Glaeser, economics professor at Harvard, says that a recession becomes a time of possibility, despite the inevitable human suffering that accompanies it.

I don't know all the ways the slumping housing market, high gas prices and soaring food prices are affecting you specifically. I do know this: in every difficult situation, there is always a bright spot, be it ever so tiny. If we look deeply enough, we will find something for which to give thanks. Even in a recession.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sami's Stats!

4 month check-up:

*Now weights 14 pounds, 12 ounces. (Gained nearly 3 pounds in the last 2 months)

*23 3/4 inches tall. (Grew a whole inch in two months)

*Everything is right on target.

*Grab toys and especially anyone's hair.

*Almost rolling over.

*Loves watching Abby's movements

*Takes two big naps, one in morning, another in afternoon.

*Pretty much sleeps all night long. (She used to sleep in her rocker every night, but I'm doing the transition to sleeping flat in the crib because I am paranoid about her rolling out of her rocker and get hurt)

*Loves to stand if you hold her.

*Dances to music.

*Smiles everytime you smile at her.

*Loves when mommy makes that "clicking" sound in her mouth.

*doesn't like to be taken out of the bathtub when bathtime's over.

*She talks so much like she's carrying a full-fledged conversation with anyone.

*Ignores Abby's "Whys" (winks)

*Jon claims she is only a Green Bay Packers fan (just kidding).

*Still likes to watch TV.

Today, she received three shots in her hips. She bawled for a minute, and I picked her up and she pinched me on my arm! Jeez... Like, "WHY MOM, WHY DID YOU LET THEM DO THIS TO ME?!? (SOBBING)"

Poor thing....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 4: Grocery Game Results

If you're happy and you know it, say "Hurray, Hurray!"

Jon went with me to go food shopping today, and he was very impressed about how much we saved. I'm getting better at it, as you can see, I saved over half of the food bill this week! I weed out junk foods and focus on wholesome foods.

FYI: At Albertsons, Lunchables are $1.00 each. And you can get 10 spiral-bound 70 sheet notebooks for only a dollar! No, this is not a typo. 10 for one dollar (10 cents each).

I even got a big box of cereal for 19 cents. (Was on sale for $1.19 and I had a $1.00 off coupon) A double whammy. Whoo-hoo!!!

This is week FOUR, so that means in one month, we spent about $92 on food per week. Saved $88 every week. That's a LOT... When you think about it... You should see our pantry --it's FULL to the top.

Shelf: $106.92
OOP: $43.72
Savings: $63.20 (59%)!!!!!! I broke the 50% barrier! I won, I won!

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $719.25
OOP: $368.55
Savings: $350.70 (49%)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Am I bored enough that I am already thinking of stuff?!?

Gee, the den needs a complete make-over. I wonder if I can move the computer to that corner. I want a couch that folds out to a sleeper sofa. (NOT hide-a-bed, or a futon) Ikea have a nice one... Hmm this room needs color. I want to get rid of that stupid weight bench. Jon claims he still uses it... yea right!

I wish I knew how to make fancy-schmancy cakes, like on Aces of Cakes tv show. I already looked at fondant, and they're expensive! I'm cheap-o... Now I wonder if I can make my own... Nah...

Gosh, those bananas are already overriped. I should make banana bread. But Jon don't like walnuts... Hmm Maybe just one loaf with nuts, other without.

Should I get a tattoo? I have none. I don't wish to get one. But life's short... Should I? Just in a place that nobody really sees except my own hubby. Then that'll be almost pointless, right? Maybe "Abigail and Samantha" tattooed. They're my daughters, forever. Hmm that doesn't sound so bad. But WHERE? Certainly not on my big butt...

I realllllly want a new hair make-over. Maybe new haircut with highlights. But who will give me a good one? A honest's opinion on which hairstyle will look good on me. I know I have round face.

I did order a Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera for Abby's birthday. It's free shipping to my local Wal-mart, so when it arrives, I can pick it up. I sure can't wait to see Abby's reaction to it. She's ABSOLUTELY in love with any camera.

I made a cow out of fimo clay. I only had white fimo clay so, I'll paint it. Then plop it on top of a round pink cake. It's what Abby wants! I've asked her million times what kind of cake she wanted and she gave me the same answer every single time: "A PINK cake with black and white cow on top."

I'm already asking Sami to say "mama." I hold her close to my face and say "mamamamamama" every minute. I'm sure she's sick of me and my breath.

What else am I goofy about?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Day of the Famous "Y"

Took place on August 7, 2008, appox. 8:42 AM

Mom: (with excitement) "Ok, get ready to go to grandma and grandpa's!"
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "They want to see you!"
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "They love you, they want to spend the day with you."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "Ok, that's enough. I need to get ready too."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "WHY what?"
Abby: "Why you need to get ready?"
Mom: "I want to, see my friends."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "I haven't seen them for a long time."
Abby: "Why?"
Mom: "I've been busy answering all of your 'why's!'"
Abby: (silence)
Mom: (thinking to herself, "whew! I think she stopped...")
Abby: WHY?
Mom: "No more whys... Let's GO!"
(And I tuned her out...)

It's a VICIOUS CYCLE!!!!! It'll NEVER END... (sighhhhhhh).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome To The Land Of "WHY?"

I remember bugging my mom like this... now Abby's doing it to me!

Abby: "Can I have a banana?"

Mom: "Uhh, those are too old, and these green ones aren't ripe yet..."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "Well, old ones tastes yucky, and those green ones will taste sour."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: (silence)

Abby: "Mom, why?"

Mom: (rolls eyes) "Why, what?"

Abby: "why can't I have a banana?"

Mom: "I just told you."

Abby: "Why?"

Few hours later, I was tucking Abby in bed for her nap time.

Abby: "I want daddy."

Mom: "He's at work."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "So he can earn money to buy us food, clothes, and so on..."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "If we have no money, then no house, no food, no clothes, etc."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: (rolls eyes again) "Go to bed..."

Abby: "Why?"

Mom: "Have a good nap, see you later." (and walks out of room)

I don't want to end up saying "BECAUSE I SAID SO." It just doesn't explain anything. I wish I had a good answer for every "Why" that she'll stop asking everytime.

What a kid....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 3: Grocery Game Results


Here's my week's food bill. 45% isn't bad! Still almost half off! I'm still working on my stockpiling, and it's starting to shape up. I sure can't wait until I have pretty much everything, and will only go for things we're low on.

FYI: Albertsons have BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE meats! I got TWO BIG rump roasts for $16 (normal price would have been $32). Whoo hoo!


Shelf: $220.74

OOP: $122.35

Savings: $98.39 (45%)

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $612.33
OOP: $324.83
Savings: $287.50 (47%)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Guess where we were tonight!

We went to the Governor's Mansion to celebrate it's 100th birthday. Lots of folks dressed in 1900's attire. I, of course didn't have any clothes from that era! It was fun. Wine, lemonade and finger foods were served. Music and history. At the end of this should show a video clip of it, but I cannot seem to get it to play correctly. If it doesn't play for you, then my apologies.
Jon and Me in front of the Mansion
Mike Gregiore, Christine Gregiore, Evans (former Governer), and some guy in a Kilt!
Right side of mansion
Left side of mansion
Center of mansion.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just had to share...!

I love her toothless grin!



Last fall, we purchased 3 blueberry bushes and put them in our side yard. We weren't expecting much from them for couple years at least.


We're having a bumper crop of blueberries. We go picking every single day now, and good 1-2 cups worth everyday. I've been making blueberry muffins. Abby been eating tons of those blues nearly everyday.

It must be the soil or something that's helping them thrive famously.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quotes of the Day

Just a Thought...
Asking someone who happens to know
some signs to interpret is like asking a
first year law student to prosecute a case
in criminal court.
Just a Thought...
When there is communication,
love can grow.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Week 2: Grocery Game Results

I'm just keeping records here, and updating it every week to see how much I save after couple months or so.

Right now, my ultimate goal is stockpiling. And the food bill will eventually go down. My pantry is getting FULL already! I need to find more room to squirrel away even more food. Then it'll be cherry picking time. (Means I rarely will need to go to the store unless I'm running low on something) (OOP= Out Of Pocket)

Shelf: $195.04
OOP: $98.55
Savings: $96.49 (49%)

Shelf: $196.55
OOP: $103.93
Savings: $92.62 (47%)

Since 7/21/08:
Shelf: $391.59
OOP: $202.48
Savings: $189.11 (48%)

I realize there is a delicate balance between getting food/necessities and buying junk food. So I'm trying to be careful about that. It IS tempting if some junk foods are dirt cheap... A gallon of ice cream for only $1.25?!? Wow... (sighs) this is hard. I will have to learn how to ignore stuff like that. Focus on healthy stuff like salads, veggies, fruits, cheese, yogurt, etc. It's not hard! I tell myself, it's not hard.....

Saturday, July 26, 2008


As the girls and I were shopping at a food store last night for dinner, I passed a used book bin, and glanced in it. "Just a DEAF Person's Thoughts" grabbed my attention. It was 50 cents, so I bought it. So, don't be surprised if in a while, I type a verse or two ...

Some are interesting thoughts, but the whole book, seems biased. It's mainly for deaf folks who's realllllllly into ASL and deaf culture. Not like me, who have the best of BOTH worlds.

Let me give you an example:

"Do you wish we could...
put signs near schools and programs for DEAF students that read:
This school is a S.E.E. Free Zone and protected by federal laws."

That's insulting one for me. I mean, I support ASL as part of our communication, but for young kids in school, I think S.E.E. also plays an important role, helping the children get a better understanding of the English language structure, and be better writers later in life instead of writing in "ASL." which looks poorly written. Example of ASL being written, "Kristy happy, got puppy big black free, eat lots. Run loves, in car pant out window."

Okay, I scanned first few pages in the book and came across this:
DEAF people -- those who use ASL naturally, who cherish and preserve DEAF culture, and who cannot hear.
deaf people -- those who cannot hear, but who do not value DEAF people, their language or their culture.

Sheesh. We're being labeled? What am I? DEAF or deaf?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 1: Grocery Game Results

Wow... It sure requires some homework. I printed out the food list that's on sale. Crossed out what I absolutely don't need. It was tricky trying to figure out what this symbol, abbrevations, etc, means.

I got brave enough, and headed out the door with a bored toddler and an active 3 month old baby with me. Strapped Abby into her "car cart." and figured out how to put Sami's carseat onto the cart too.

An hour and half later, I'm still figuring out my food list, walking aimlessly in store. Abby liked to hop in and out of her car.

Finally, I got everything on my list, went to check out counter, gave the cashier a small pile of coupons and my store card.

Here's the results:

My LAST WEEK's BILL: (before I signed up for Grocery Game)
Spent: $51.01 for 24 items
Saved: $13.88 (21%) from my Safeway card.
Average per item: $2.13 (If no savings, average per item: $2.70)

Spent: $98.55
Saved: $96.49 (45.5%)
Average per item: .60 cents! (If no savings, average per item $3.61)
So, bottom line, I got a realllly good bargain!!! This is SOOO worth it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Now I remember!

Mom: (flipping through Oriental Trading Party catalog...) "Hey Abby, what kind of birthday cake would you like?"

Abby: "PINK!"

Mom: "Okay, what else? Anything on top?"

Abby: "Hmmmm. A COW!"

Mom: "What color?"

Abby: "BLACK!"

So, okay folks, don't be alarmed if you see a bright pink cake with a black cow on top being served at her birthday party!

My Conversation with Abby and Westport

Hmm interesting conversations with Abby!

Grandma called (Jon's mom). To see if we got home safely from Westport. Abby wanted to talk to her. Abby was yelling, trying to reach the phone! Jon finally gave her the phone, and then Abby declared, "Hi Grandma, I'm HOME ALONE!" (Oh, Sheesh!!!)

There was another funny conversation with Abby yesterday, and I swore that I wouldn't forget it... Of course, I cannot remember it now. Auggghhh... Racking my brain.... (Glugging coffee now).

Ah, I'll remember it someday. Here's our recap of Westport vacation!

Friday: Left about 11:30 and stopped at Top Foods in Aberdeen to grab sandwiches for lunch. Abby had strawberries and Sami was sleeping soundly.

Got to Westport and visited with my parents at front of a different motel, doing registrations. Then we went to Chateau Westport Motel, and checked in. We had a corner room on first floor, with a small kitchette (VERY USEFUL IF YOU HAVE A BABY!). The decor was outdated. Very outdated. But pretty comfy for three days. I fed Sami while Jon and Abby went to check out the playground, the trees (they had very low hanging thick branches that you can sit on). Then they went on a small hike to see the ocean. The waves came and went, almost touching Abby's feet! Jon swooped her up. They had fun.

They came back to the room, and we switched. Jon had Sami, who was sleeping soundly, and he read his book, relaxing. I took Abby SWIMMING in the indoor pool. She had a blast. She did not go further than the last step in the pool, but she just loved the atmosphere.

Then we went to a campground's reception hall, and had fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, and chips. A lot of people were there. Oh, I forgot to explain, the whole weekend was a "Westport Run." My dad belongs to a old car club called "Eastside Street Rods," and they hosted the weekend. People with old cars would come and register and show off their cars. We provide food, entertainment, and door prizes. Dad said about 80 cars came.

Saturday: We woke up, had continental breakfast (boring). Then went to town. Went into quite few cute shops. Candy shops. Kite shops. Taffy shops. The donut shop smelled SOO good but we were strong and didn't go in. Abby got gummi bears, and Jon got some taffy. My mom bought Abby a shirt. It's a pink tie-dyed shirt with daisies and "Westport, WA" embroidered on front. Came back to the motel, and rested a bit, and Jon parents came. Then we went to Westport Winery to taste few wines. They had such a cute gift shop. I was very tempted to buy "Chocolate Pasta!" We bought a bottle of wine, a dessert wine, which tastes like raspberries and chocolate. YUM!!!

Then we went back to town to look at even more shops. Didn't buy anything this time. The old cars were lined up, and people were looking at them. Went back to motel to rest a bit more. Jon and his dad played horseshoes. Abby tagged along. I fed Sami.

Then we went to the Grange. The car club made dinner for everybody (probably 200-250 people). Had Mahi Mahi, Salmon, baked potatoes, salad, rolls, and orange ice cream dessert cups. We had fun people watching. Jon, Abby and his dad played some frisbee out in the baseball field.

Before I know it, it was Sunday. We all went out to breakfast then went home. It was sad to see it end, but we were happy to be home.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Quirky...

I love little surprises around the corners. Like for example, I found a great website for Abby! Called She absolutely love it!!! Something NEW. She was getting bored of the Sesame Street website. I also know she'll like but it's too advanced for her right now.

And something funny happened this morning. As I was busy packing for our big weekend in Westport (We're leaving in an hour). I glanced and saw a nice biscuit of POOP resting on our carpet! I quickly looked at Trigger. She was just walking around... Then I realized something, I immediately looked at Abby. She gave me "I'm innocent!" look. Hmm who did this??? I cannot believe I have TWO suspects now. All these time, I, hundred percent know it's from Trigger, but this time I'm baffled....! I had to ask Abby, "did you poop on the carpet?" And she proudly declared, "YES!"......... Hmm I don't know if I should believe her or not... Oh well, I picked up the poop and flushed it down. It's still going in my mind, who really did this?

We're all raring to go to Westport. We're waiting for Jon to finish showering and packing. I'm hoping Sami will wake up for another feeding before we go, so she won't be hungry on the whole trip. We'll be staying at a hotel next to the beach. My parents are also staying at the hotel. And my mom told me her friend's daughter's family is also coming and her granddaughter is about Abby's age. It'll be a fun stay at the hotel!

Of course, I packed the car with everything except the kitchen sink.

Pheewww, Trigger kept farting.... We're leaving her home this weekend. Jon's parents will swing by often to let her out, food, water, medications, etc.

Hmm what else? I feel fat...

Ok, I revealed too much. BYE!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Money, Money, Money!

I'm doomed. I realize it now. I now no longer enjoy food shopping. I just went there couple hours ago to pick up few things... Ended up spending over $50. Just for few things?!? Okay, so I may have sneaked in few extra in my cart. They were on sale. They weren't that expensive. (excuses, excuses)

I wanted an avocado and found out it costs $2.69 for ONE SINGLE AVOCADO... I turned away in disgust, but yet, I bought two boxes of crackers because they were 2/$5. So, which is better? I could have bought that stupid avocado and no crackers and saved money. But crackers are more filling... TWO boxes of crackers... (long sighs)

I came home and decided to sign up for "The Grocery Game" again. I did that three years ago, and it sure saved us a lot of money on grocery bills. I quit because I couldn't find good coupons in our Sunday newspaper (essential for the game). This time, I am going to try again, hoping the coupons will be more available than 3 years ago. And also I quit because my pantry was getting too full of junk food. This time, I'll aim for healthier foods, even if I have to wait a bit longer until they go on sale. Junk foods can linger in pantry and get piled up fast, while healthy foods goes bad. Aughhh, don't you hate when that happens?

In case you're wondering, it's at . It costs about $5 per month, yet saves you hundreds of dollars. It's SOOO worth it. The effort for finding right coupons is sooo worth it too. Like, if there's a toothbrush on sale for $1.50 and you found the coupon for $1.00 off, then you only pay $0.50 for a toothbrush. Sometimes things end up being free. I heard one lady got $300 worth of food and only paid $24. or something like that... Jeezzzz! Imagine how much gas you can buy!

I just read a realistic story. A man didn't know what to get his girlfriend for her birthday. She told him, "Just take me to an expensive place." So, he dropped her off at a gas station.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

12 Weeks Old Today!

Psst... Sami's already 12 weeks old now. Does that mean 3 months old? But it's not July 17th.... That's next week. So, I'm confused.

Here's what she has been doing so far:

*Making more face expressions.

*interacting more with you.

*"talking" to you, carrying a full conversation. "aaahhooo, eeehhh hhaaaa ooooonnnah.."

*Weight more than 12 pounds, and outgrew some of her clothes.

*Still sleeps through the night.

*Crys a lot less now, and just like to sit up and watch the world go by.

*working on her neck and ab muscles, trying to sit up as far as she could!

*Sometimes won't take a nap because she wants to watch everything.

*Likes to watch TV (I had to turn her around so she won't get too much exposure).

*Won't drink her bottle unless she's watching TV (SIGHHHH). Like mommy, I guess....!

*Loves to kick her blanket off, thinks it's a game.

*Likes her duck blankie (it's not a blanket, it's more like a kerchief).

*Lets Trigger lick her feet, actually likes it!

*Likes Cuban cigars.... JUST KIDDIN'!!!

I am really enjoying watching her grow. I sure can't wait until she can actually play with Abby, and Abby get to play with her. Two small kids instead of a kid and a baby. Abby LOVES to try to play with her, but I have to watch her like a hawk so Abby can't accidentally hurt Sami. I think Sami's on the verge of sitting up on her own. Her attempts to sit up is rather strong!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cupcake Monster!

Thanks, Steve for letting me use these photos! I especially cracked over the last picture of her eating. It looks like she had bunny teeth! LOL!!! I also included a nice sister picture at the end, just because it's sweet, just like a cupcake...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Finally broke in and bought ourselves a Wii. I wanted Wii-Fit but they didn't have it... Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. At least it'll give us few days to figure the machine and how it all works.

Our fourth of July was fun. We went to Gig Harbor and spent most of it in a backyard. Tom cooked up great burgers and brats. Had a wonderful strawberry-rhubarb pie. Abby had fun blowing bubbles, eating cupcakes and ice cream.

Wished there were pictures but I forgot to bring the camera. Sighs... but Jon's friend, Steve captured few pictures of Abby enjoying her cupcake. If he'll let me, I'll copy and paste the pictures via his flickr account and post it here....

Ok, gotta go. Hope to hear from all of you soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wow!!!! Look at this!!

Can you guess which is Abby's and which is Sami's?

Sheesh, lots of similaries. I didn't realize until a friend gave me a heads up.

Ocean Shores

We decided to go to Ocean Shores to beat the heat on Sunday. We left before the heat strikes. At the beach, it was hazy, misty, or foggy. We couldn't see the ocean very well. But it was SOOO NICE... it was 62 degrees, and felt so perfect. The sand was warm. We flew a kite, played frisbee, and just played in the sand. Trigger had fun too! Been SO long since she was at the beach.

When we came home, opened the car doors, and it felt like an oven! (92+ degrees) Ughhh! So we went over to Jon's folks for dinner (they had A/C) and then went over to their neighbor's house to let Abby play in their inflatable pool with their boys.

It was a very fun day!

Isn't this sweeeeet?

Aww, I finally captured a few smiling pictures! She was just smilin' away...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh My God, She was SO FULL OF.....!

Let's see...

Sami didn't poop for 5 days, then yesterday, when my friend came over to visit, she had a major blow-out. Luckily her diaper caught most of it. Just needed to use about 20 wipes to clean up...

I thought that was major.... NOT!!!

Just tonight, Jon and I was watching a movie, and Abby wasn't sleeping in her bed. We could hear her on the baby monitor. After nearly 2 hours, I decided to go upstairs to tell her to go to bed. I came downstairs, and picked up Sami (She was fussing a bit). I felt something sloushy on her chest. Huh? I looked down, and orange was seeping through. HUH!?!?

So, I put her on the changing table and opened her clothes. UGGGGGGHHHH! It's like someone opened a can of pumpkin puree and stuffed it in her clothes, ALL OVER. I had to carefully peel back her clothes, and I yelled to Jon to bring me SOMETHING to wipe all this down. He gave me paper towels, and with disgusted face, handing me squares and squares of paper towels.

How the heck can a small baby produce all that?!? Abby never did that. I was in awe... Jon said he'll be in Abby's room when I "clean up." I don't blame him. I was like, Okay, now what should I do? Okay, first, I need soap, LOTS of soap, okay, I don't want to carry her to the tub... (I just cleaned the tub!)... Okay, I can wash her in the sink, yeah, it's the closest water source.. yep, the sink. I put towel on bottom of the sink and started washing and washing her. She seemed to like it. (ahhh this feels good). I put clean clothes on her. She was very content. I picked her up, and felt like she lost good 5 pounds. I'm serious...!

She's now sleeping and she's much happier now.

I just pray to god she won't have this much poop when we're out in the public or somewhere that I can't clean her up easily. I might just tuck in baby soap in my diaper bag now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mary Poppins, Where Are You?

Well, I talked to Maria, Abby's daycare lady. She's officially closing down her daycare. It sure is sad! She'll have a farewell party on July 14th.

So, I gotta search for a new daycare or somebody to take care of our kids on Mondays and Fridays. Do you know anybody??? I've been posing on Craigslist under Childcare. So far, I got few contacts but no solid leads yet. I don't like meeting new people. I'm shy, and yet, I have to find somebody I can trust with my kids. It ain't easy... I am also looking for somebody to be able to babysit nights if we want to go out on a date or something.

It can be a scary world out there...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ahh, figured it out...

After some exploring and researching, I finally figured it out!

Sami has "nipple confusion."

LOL, it really means that she is so used to taking the bottle that she's now refusing breastfeeding. It has been a battle of our wills every time I try to breastfeed her. After an hour or so, she won. I eventually gave up and stuck a bottle into her mouth. (long sighs)

Now I have "bonding confusion."

In some ways, I feel like I'm losing my mother/child bonding connection since she won't breastfeed. I miss it. I really do. I love it when I can just feed her anytime, anywhere, without having to heat up a bottle, without having to pump milk. And without having to wash all those instruments and bottles. And having to remember to pump every 4 hours.

On the other hand, I like the satisifaction I see on her face when she sucks down a whole bottle of milk. She's much more content. She sleeps longer and rarely ever cries. Anybody can feed her, not just solely me.

SIGHS-- Sami's doctor gave me phone numbers for calling La Leche Leu...ndge La La La whatever that is... I know what they do. They CAN help me. BUT do I really want to go all that trouble to get Sami back on the breast then back on the bottle 2 months later when I go back to work?

Ok, that says it all. I have "On The Fence Confusion!"

Monday, June 23, 2008

New printer and Sami

Yayyy, I bought us a new printer.

Our old one was rebellious and starting to fall apart. The on/off button and the paper feeder button doesn't even work. I would have to plug/unplug the printer every time. And when I want to print one very simple page, it would spew out blank papers with black bar on top of every page. So, I'm sending it to a early grave.

This new one, is Epson uhhh oh Epson NX400. I tried finding reviews on it, but couldn't. I think it's too new. So, I asked OfficeMax if they had restocking fee if we ended up not liking it. They said no restocking fee. (Best Buy does!) And can return it anytime within 30 days with receipt. I got it for $89.99. Hope it's a good one!

Anyway, what else is new? Oh yeah!

Sami had her 2 month check up today. Here's the facts:

*Weights 11 pounds, 14 ounces!

*Is 22 3/4 inches long

*Everything looks great, she's in 75% percile

*Smiling and cooing a lot

*Drinking tons more milk

*Still sleeps all night (knock on wood!)

*Got two shots, poor kid... She tired herself out from screaming every swear word in the baby book.

I guess that's it! I oughta go and do laundry, etc. A mom's job is never over!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh yeah, one more thing...



I still have my school job next fall! Yayyyy!
I love working at that school and hope to keep the job for 20+ years, even if I have to change positions around the school. I love having summers off... winter break, spring break, etc. And when my kids are in school, my schedule will be similar to theirs.

Whoo-hoo!!!! I love it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I feel like a COW!

My friend Christa was talking about all the donated breast milk and how good it is. I didn't think much about it.

Half an hour later, I was trying to find room in the freezer for ... guess what? MILK! I have sooo much milk in there.

Another hour lapses. It just hit me. DUH... Why don't I just donate some? So, I am doing some research online to see how I can become a donor. Seems like I need to see my doctor and baby's doctor to get all the necessary paperwork and tests (You know, to see if I have any diseases...).

Do I really want to go through all that trouble?
Christa, tell me! :-)

And by the way, Sami seems to prefer bottle than my breasts, so I end up pumping milk, and not to sound gross but I feel like I have two mini waterfalls coming out of my breasts. (sighs) Thank god for those boob pads.

Ok, good nite!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sami's 2 months old!

*Baby acne is finally disappearing
*Feeding schedule and naps are getting more regular.
*Starting to smile more.
*Eye contact and picking up more interest in her surroundings.
*Cries less often when Abby "smothers" her with hugs.
*Spitting up less and less.
*Starting to favor the bottle instead of breastfeeding. (that'll change during the summer!)
*Sleeps good at night. Usually falls asleep at 10:00 and wakes up at 5:30.
*Recognizes her grandparents.
*Growing out of her first set of clothes (Long sighhhh).

Friday, May 30, 2008

Misdirected Blame

Ah-ha.... I know why I kept wanting to eat...


Breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day. That's why I'm constantly hungry.

So, is this a valid reason why?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

6 weeks up already?!?

Wow, time sure FLIES. On Tuesday, my teacher asked me if I'm returning to work. I looked at the calender. This can't be right. 6 weeks since Samantha was born... Looking at calendar again. Wow... I feel okay... Should I go back to work? This is a shock.

I actually have options -- Go back to work or stay home. Hmm that is a toughie. I was totally on the fence about this because:
I miss working!!! I love my job. I love teaching my students.
I like staying home!!! I can be lazy. I can EAT anytime I want.

Uh oh... that means my ass will become "WIDE LOAD"-- Okay, I guess I should go back to work!!! Yeah... uh oh, who'll take care of Sami? Hmm...

Talked to my mom-in-law yesterday. She was not sure about watching a 6 week old. She talked to dad... They agreed to watch her for the next 3 weeks. Yup, 3 weeks until school's out for the summer. See, it's only 3 weeks, then I'll have the rest of the summer off to eat, eat, eat.

(Sighs) How can I slim down!? Sheesh...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had fun! We left the house around 9:00 on Saturday, and headed south. The trip went very smoothly. Abby was amazingly good in the car. Sami slept all the way. I did make sure there was PLENTY of toys and books, and even brought a portable DVD player (ended up never using it).

The only trouble was that Abby's toys kept falling on the floor of the car, and I have to pick them up every 5 minutes. Or she'll ask for it, turning into a long whine...

We stopped at the first winery, and they had FOOD! Cheese, meats, bread, of course, I was hungry. The wine wasn't that bad either.

It was a beautiful sunny day with few clouds. We stopped at second winery and I didn't go in because I had to feed Sami. So I don't remember much about that one.

We saw horses, cows, not lamas but a____ something? Anyway...! We had fun pointing animals to Abby, and see if she'd identify them.

Stopped at the 3rd winery (Jon's favorite from so far). The view was AMAZING. You could see miles and miles around. Practically 320 degree view. Abby loved the large area to run around on. She did use up a good chuck of energy running around and around.

Then we stopped in town and stopped in the last winery, and I wasn't toooo impressed. It was kind of "back room" winery.

We went around the corner to Golden Valley Pub restaurant, and had an excellent dinner. Yum. I had a Ruben sandwich with german potato salad, with large strawberry lemonade. Jon had his prime rib with their local beer.

We drove to the hotel, and checked in. Jon's parents were staying with us too (in a separate room, of course!) and they were willing to watch Sami while we take Abby to the pool. So, we went to the pool. It was cold at first, but the longer we spend in the water, it feels warmer. Abby did not want to go in. She'll dip her toes in, then take a step back. We kept encouraging her, and she finally put a full foot in. Step back. Encourage her some more. Put a leg in. Step back. It was a long slow process, but we finally got her to get water up to her neck line. If we had a pool nearby that we can go to regularly, she'll become more comfortable.

I am planning on enrolling her into a swimming class when she's older, maybe 4 or 5 years old.

Let's see... Sami slept the whole night in her car seat. Since she was born, she doesn't like sleeping flat on her back. It bothers her (reflux). So, we since let her sleep in reclined position.

Abby slept in her own queen bed, and she woke up in the middle of the night, scared. It was all new to her, so Jon slept with her. It all worked out.

Morning came, and we ate breakfast, then headed to Woodburn Outlet Stores. I got good clothes at Eddie Bauer Outlet (I could totally do my whole warerobe in that store!). Jon got few clothing from Brooks Brothers, Nautica, and... what else? Oh, Polo. Abby got few more clothes from Carter's.

We drove home and were exhausted. We needed a vacation! It was nice that we all had Monday off to recover. And watched hockey (Go Red Wings!).

That's pretty much it...

Oh, by the way, Steve, we're going to northermost corner of Maui.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wiping my tears off my sore face!

I recently read the blog from Christa about M.N.'s "barfs" and I tried to put a comment but it wouldn't let me. Oh well, if you're reading this -- I LOVE IT!!! LOL!!!!

Sami is also spitting up a lot too. I asked my doctor about it, and she told me to keep her upright, but some days are just nasty with 78 changes of clothes. Problem with being deaf, I barely can tell if she burped or gurgled. I wish she had that "AIR HORN" burp like M.N. Sami's too much of a lady... She wouldn't burp in public or in front of anybody, then do a massive barf when nobody's looking.

Other news: Hawaii's trip is ON!!! We finally confirmed the dates. All is good to go! I'm getting excited, but it'll not be until April. Lots of waiting ahead... plenty of time to slim down for the beach, eh? (winks)

I enrolled Abby into "Music & Movement" classes for June. I hope she'll like the class. She absolutely looooves music. Likes to dance and all that.

Hmm what else is new? We're going south to Oregon this weekend for a fun mini-vacation, and I'm planning on taking Abby to the pool at the hotel and see if she's ok with water. I am beginning to suspect that she's afraid of water except for baths.

We also got a new videocamera -- well, it's not the kind you normally know of. It's actually the size of a camera. Only holds 60 minutes of video footage. Can download it onto computer or play on TV (tape onto videotape). It was only $150. Since it's size of a camera, we'd most likely use it a lot. (Better than dragging the whole bulky kind out of the closet, recharge it, put tapes in it, pre-setting everything, haul the weight on your shoulder, etc.) If you want to know what it is, go to It's aweeeessoommmeeee... Best thing we bought recently.

Ok, I gotta go, I can hear a whimper from my "mini-me #2."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Samantha's One Month Old Today!

Wow, fast 4 weeks!

Here's her latest pictures:

She is moving more, and keeping her eyes open for longer periods of time.