Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Couch!

We finally got our new couch! We ordered it on October 21... Finally came today. It was supposed to come last week but due to I-5 being closed from the storm.

It's sage green, not quite like velvet, but it's more sturdier and you can't see every hand print on it. We decided to do red flower pillows so it won't be matchy-matchy. And we can always change out the pillows throughout the seasons. It looks very soothing to the eye, and not so busy (flowery) like our last couch.

This couch, I was surprised, it's actually higher than I thought it'd be! My feet barely touches the floor. I think it's because it's BRAND NEW, that it hasn't "settled" yet. I'm sure after frequent use, each cushion will be formed into shapes of our bodies. LOL!
It is our Christmas gift to each other. :-)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ah books!!!

(cough cough)

I'm still sick! AGUUGGGHH but that didn't stop me from going to the warehouse book fair today with my mom.

My mom never been to one. And once we got there, she was in awe!!! We ended up grabbing lots of books, mainly for kids for Christmas. 50 cents! A dollar! Two dollars! Wow!!!! Only 5 dollars! Etc.

I spent $85 and some change. I had $10 off coupon so I used that, so it was supposed to be $95.
I got tons of books, easily $300 worth of books in retail prices.

Got lots of books for Maria! (Abby's daycare) Yayyyy!

We didn't stay very long because of my cold.

Ok, signing off so I can get rest.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Just writing...

I've been sick for the last two days (missed 2 days of work) due to a bad cold. I don't understand! My co-workers in school got a cold, and it wasn't that bad, but when *I* got it, it felt like a Mack truck ran over me. Does it have to do with my pregnancy? Seems every time I get sick when I'm pregnant, I feel 3 times worse than I would normally do if I wasn't pregnant.

I hate being home sick. Yes, I LOVE NAPS, but I know it'll wreak havoc on my normal bedtime sleep. (sigh)

I am almost 20 weeks (will be this Sunday) and that means I'm half-way through! Yaayyyy!

Yesterday, I got a chance to watch "The Baby Story" on TLC and I started blubbering and crying my eyes out. I didn't realize I was emotional. The baby on that show wasn't even cute. He actually looked a lot like E.T, you know, rubbery neck, big eyes.

Ah, Christmas is fast approaching. I am planning on sending out E-Christmas letters but I am going to wait until after our ultrasound so we can tell folks we're expecting a boy or girl.

Just am having a bad week.

Tomorrow, I'm really looking forward... My parents are coming down to Olympia, and pick up our couch. They're going to take it. Our new couch should be here anytime soon. It was supposed to be here by now, but due to I-5 being closed for few days...

Mom and I are going to a biggg warehouse book sale, and I'm planning on doing most of my christmas shopping there! A huge, huge money-saver. We need to save as much money as we can so when the baby comes, we'll have enough for me to stay home for a while.

You see, I will probably have to leave my job on April 20, and that's 8 weeks before summer vacation starts, and I talked to Human Resources, and it turned out that I only have 6 weeks of UNPAID maternity leave since I didn't work enough hours by the time I deliver. So, that means my paycheck will be very, very small. :-( Maybe next to nothing....?

Ok, let me shut up for now. I'm sure Abby wants me upstairs to rock her before bed. Right now, daddy is reading two books to Abby.

Hugs to all.

Monday, December 3, 2007

After the storm...

I really don't mind!!! Abby was having the time of her life, and look at it: 2 hours of fun, only 20 minutes of cleaning. It's well worth it.

Abby vs. Shredded Paper