Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a Fun Day!

Abby with her cousins during Thanksgiving Dinner.

Abby decided to pull her pants down! Sheesh!

Hi folks!

We had a fun day today. There was a parade in Downtown Olympia. Abby's first parade! The first in line was MOTORCYCLES -- LOUD ONES. Abby was mesmerized with them. And she enjoyed the horses, bands, all kinds of people marching down the street. She even ate a candy cane for the first time. She absoluely loved it. She sat on daddy's shoulders.

Later tonight, I asked her what she liked about the parade and she said "Drums!" She was smiling ear to ear. It was really sweet seeing her all happy about today.

I made a fresh pumpkin pie today. A friend of mine at work gave me some pumpkin puree that she made herself. I told her I am used to making pumpkin pies out of canned pumpkin, and she jumped saying that once I try fresh pumpkin pie, I'd never go back to canned pumpkin again. She dared me... (sighs).... I have to admit, she's right!!! Now, I'll have to look all over for sugar pumpkins next fall.

My friend, who's pregnant, was due last Tuesday... Today's Sunday... I emailed her to see what's up, and she said nope, no baby yet. She's FIVE days overdue. Wow... I was going to visit her sometime this week with dinner, but since no baby yet, I'll have to wait.

I'm now 18 weeks along. The ultrasound will be in two weeks. I sure can't wait!!! I am glad it'll happen before Christmas, then people will know what to shop for. (winks) Seems 99% people still says it's a boy. I really don't care what it is, as long as it's very healthy.

Ok, signing off now. :-)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Starting a Christmas Letter Blog

I've decided to forgo Christmas cards this year... The postage and buying cards are getting too expensive for our lil' budget, so we're going to send out mass emails to check out our Christmas Letter Blogs.

I hope all of my friends and relatives will be able to view it. I will, of course, send out traditional Christmas Cards to those who does not have email or access to computers.

How was all of your Thanksgiving?? :-)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bazaar Crazy!

Had fun today!
My friend and I went to a Christmas Bazaar at the school where I work. It was small and cute. But saw tons of people I know there, so ended up chatting with them.

Then we went to Olympia High School for yet, another bazaar -- OHMYGOSH. It was SO huge! Forget Seattle Holiday Show, this one is easier to go to! It was fun. I ended up buying stuff that *I* like. Sheesh... I tried to do shopping for Christmas gifts but everything was too overwhelming and I don't know who to start with, and what to start with. Augggh..

So, Christmas shopping---- NONE yet.

Kudos to Nikki for getting all of hers done already. :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Speeding Ticket


A friend of mine sent me this email and I just had to share...




A Sign You're Driving Too Fast........

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I have VP back!

Finally, after 6 long months of forgetting to contact the repairman.... (He scolded me for waiting so long), my VP is finally fixed. I can now talk to any deaf friends who have VP. If you want my number, contact me... But you gotta understand, I don't have lights that will blink for any incoming calls, because I'm downstairs all the time. I won't be able to see the light. So, if you try to call, and no answer, and I see your name under "missed calls" then I will call you right back as soon as I can.

Or we can contact via email and pre-set a meeting time for VP chat time.


Long weekend coming up!

Yayyy, a long weekend coming up! Tomorrow, I am working from 8:30 to 8 pm. I know, it sounds awfully long, but half of is looking for work to do in school (no kids thurs and fri), and other half is attending a fun workshop. I am looking forward to the workshop! It's about teaching about deaf idioms. I don't mind a very long day because it meant I can take Friday off, thus -- a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

Anywayyy, last weekend was long too. On Saturday, Abby and I went up to Auburn for my sister-in-law's baby shower. She's due December 22. A girl. She got lots of cute stuff!

Then we left to drive up north to Marysville. Spent time with my folks and my sister's family came too. So it was a very busy Saturday night. On Sunday morning, we went to Target in Lake Stevens where my sister was working, and Jill took some of Abby's pictures with Santa (She DID NOT LIKE Santa). It was for display pictures only. It was kind of fun. My mom shopped while we were in the photo studio. My mom went overboard! The Halloween stuff was 75% off.

Then we went to a friend's house (2 miles down the road) for her son's 2nd birthday party. It was a very nice birthday party. Abby enjoyed playing with two other toddlers there.

Then we went a bit south to Everett and stopped by to see one of my good friends, Lisa and her family. Abby and Sara (6 years old) were like GLUE! They loved each other, played and laughed so hard. Abby was like a younger sister Sara never had, and Sara was the older sister Abby never had. It was sooo sweet to see them play. Logan, (1 year old now) is sooo cute! He have lots of teeth now, and loves to grin to show his teeth. Very happy little boy. He'll certainly be a redhead!

We didn't get home until 7 PM on Sunday night. Abby was already asleep due to the time change. She was one very tired little girl.

Where was Jon? He stayed home. He thought the parties were for all girls, so he decided to stay home and watch football, play pool with his dad, and go wine tasting with his folks on Sunday, and then watch some more football. (Seahawks lost in overtime!) :-(

Ok, me shut up for now.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

14 week check-up

Had a doctor appointment yesterday. Met one of our 5 doctors, Dr. Bell. FIVE doctors? You say... Well, when I go into labor, never know who's on call. Better get to know them all so you won't feel like a stranger delivering your baby. That makes sense. But HAHAHAAAA-- When Abby was born, I only met 4 of my doctors, and guess who delievered my baby? Yup, you're right, the fifth one that I never met. What luck!

ANYWAYYYY -- Blood pressure looks good. I lost some weight due to morning sickness, but that's normal. The doctor looked for the heartbeat and found it almost immediately. WOM-WOM-WOM-WOM-WOM... 160 beats per minute. Very strong. Jon was there with me, and he loved to hear it.

Our next appointment is in 6 LONG weeks. It will be the most important one -- The Ultrasound!!! We'll find out if it's a boy or girl on December 10. I sure can't wait.

Halloween Night

We had fun! Our FIRST TIME Trick n' Treating with our child. Oh my gosh, it was sooo much fun. I didn't think she'd be old enough this year, but she was raring to go. She had practice earlier this afternoon while I was at work. Her grandparents took her to few neighbors, got some candy and a giant cookie. She was SO EXCITED to be in her Bumble Bee costume. She kept saying "buzzzz, buzzzz"

We went to about 7 houses then came home, and she studied her candy. We picked out the hard ones and chewy ones that we know she can't safely eat. She loved M&M's and chocolate covered raisins. By 6:30, she was already pooped and ready to go to bed. All that fresh air must have made her sleepy.