Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a local pumpkin patch today. We had lots of fun! Abby was literally running all over the place, trying to absorb everything. There was a very cute little house for kids, and we had to drag Abby out of it. Since it was only 3 days before Halloween, a lot of the pumpkins there are already beyond their prime. That was a bit sad. And we found the price of pumpkins are expensive so we drove to Top Foods and bought a pumpkin there. Hee hee! It was much cheaper.

Jon gutted the pumpkins while I try to capture all the flying seeds (slippery little suckers!).

I roasted the seeds. YUM!!! Then I attempted to carve the pumpkin. I make it look like ELMO for Abby. Abby didn't get it at first, but when we lighted it up few minutes ago, she finally sees ELMO.

Oh yeah, the pumpkin patch had a petting zoo, and Abby loved that. She saw couple kittens, and fell in love with them.

We had a big blast today!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby update

Not much to tell... I'm now 14 weeks. I feel bloated. Still have morning sickness, and I still need to be careful on what I eat.

My pregnancy may become a slight problem at school, where I teach. I work with a boy and he sits across the table from me. And he always need help so I always reach over the table to point at his papers. I realized, the bigger I get, I wouldn't be able to reach that far over the table anymore. I may have to use a pencil to reach and point at his papers... Or have to move to sit next to him. Wow.

My next check up will be this Wednesday, and I sure hope all is good!!! I haven't felt the baby move yet. I sure hope everything's okay. I am trying to recall when moms usually feel the baby move...18 weeks? 20? I can't remember.


We finally did it! After about 4 weeks of searching, discussing, and agruing about getting a new couch, we finally ordered one this morning.

Our current couch, the foam is getting compressed. The back pillows, I would have to punch them couple times before I sit down because they're sagging. I love the couch to death, but, yes, it's time for it to go. So my goal was to find a similar couch, similar feeling. Jon wanted a better looking couch, more modern lines.

Funny, we saw a couch we liked at the first store. So we kept that in mind, then we went looking for other couches, to compare. Must have went to many stores. We ended up getting the first couch we ever laid our eyes on at the first store. LOL.

But the fabric was orange-ish brick red. We brought the fabric sample home, and it looked HORRIBLE next to our chocolate wall. YUCCCCKKK! So, we went back and got more fabric samples and figure out which one matches the best. NONE did... Auggghhh. So, we gave up for a week or so. Got more samples, walked out and found my car had a flat tire. What luck! Still didn't like those samples. We almost just gave up.

Last Sunday, we finally got one last batch of samples, and we FINALLY agreed on one!!!! It's sage green, feels like velvet. Very durable. We agreed on one color instead of floral or patterns. Simple as it can get. Can accessorize with pillows, throws, etc. Agreed!

Our pillows will be red floral ones, looks like 1940's flowers. Perfect.

Now another, "AUGGH" moment -- It won't be ready for another 6-8 weeks...
(sighs) I just hope it comes before Christmas.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Name, by any other name...

Choosing a name is driving me nuts. I end up looking at EVERY sign out on the street for that 'ah-ha' moment. Politican signs, street signs, even those ads.

Do you realize how hard it is to pick a kid's name that the kid will live with the rest of his/her life? AHHHHH..

Harrison would have been nice... Nice and strong... until I realized the nick name will go badly with our last name. People crack up when they realize what the nick name is. Very funny....!

I'm not gonna mention names here because quite few of my friends are pregnant also and they may take my names. Tough love, ladies... You gotta pick your own kids' name. :-)

What the..?

I went to my insurance website, Premera, to see how much they do cover my baby delivery. After some browsing, I found an "estimator" and came across a whole array of conditions. I clicked on "Vaginal Birth." Okay... here we go...

It asked for age. I clicked on "24-34."
It asked if I'm female or male.

What the ...? For VAGINAL BIRTH??? I ended up laughing so hard, I was crying.

I clicked on "Female." of course....

Now I think back... what would it have done if I clicked on "Male....!!!"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

When does 2nd Trimester start, actually?

You know, this is interesting -- According to doctors, pregnancy is 40 weeks long. According to my math, that's 10 freakin' months! They count from the first day you're supposed to start your period, which is about 2 weeks. So, that's actually 38 weeks. But that's still 9.5 months!!!

I'm now 13 weeks. But really, it's 11 weeks. Ohh, we (all moms) get so confused.... Am I in my 3rd month? Or is that next week?

Where did "9-Month" concept come from? Why not 10 months?

Ah.... Ok, I should go and email Jaime. She have been wondering if I'm still alive. YES, I'm still alive! Just busy being sick, tired, and cranky. :-)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boy or Girl?

People kept asking me if I knew if this one will be a boy or girl. My auto response is "It's too early!"

But strange, about 95% of the people I talked to said this one will be a boy. I absolutely have nooooo clue. When I was pregnant with Abby, I had a feeling it was a girl. But this pregnancy is driving me NUTS!!! I do not know. What happened to my instincts? Phht.... I wish I knew.

I looked at our calender and it looks like we'll find out the sex about a week after Thanksgiving. Then we can finally fight about what names to use. :-)

what shall I write about?

Hmm how about that wind storm today?
At work, the lights flickered then off for maybe 5 sec then back on. Been that way all afternoon. Nothing serious. Drats... I wanted DRAMA! ;-)

I cannot remember past storms except for 1993 one. Jaime and I was sitting in a class room at our high school. Clinton won and he's president now. They were doing the in____ I have no idea how to spell it... The only way I remembered that day was when the fat lady sang on TV, the power went out! LOL!!!!!! I just nearly fell out of my chair laughing -- "When the fat lady sings...!" HAHAHHAAAAA!!!

Anyway, there was 55 mph winds and I have to drive home? I just got my drivers license... eek! I saw a metal garbage can rolling by from the force of the wind. Jaime lived just down the hill from school, and her house had no power, so she stayed with me for couple days. It was fun! Like having a slumber party every night. We did lose a lot of sleep. There was no school for a long time... Like, a week or so, I can't remember....

Ahhhh... I miss having girlfriends like that. Life sure have changed! You notice your husband isn't exactly like your girlfriends. :-) Times are tough that it's getting harder and harder to get together with girlfriends, and that's very sad.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Today is officially the beginning of 12 weeks of my pregnancy! I am still not done with morning sickness, as you can tell on my last post. I was hoping I'd be done by now, but I guess wrong. Maybe in couple weeks, I will finally enjoy my pregnancy. I like 2nd trimester the best because no more sickness, and not feeling too HEAVY yet. Like the quiet before the storm.

I kept thinking of this comment I read the other day.

"A man asked a woman if she could give him a ride to town. She snapped back, saying she have woman problems right now. He said, 'oh, I see, you can't parallel park.""

That how clueless men can be sometimes! :-)

Damn Hormones

Hormones? Is that spelled right? All of a sudden, it looks weird to me.

Yesterday, Jon, Abby and I went down to the good ol' Cowlitz Fish Hatchery, where Jon used to work, and where we used to live. It sure brought us a lot of memories. We went there because Jon's ex-co-worker was having a birthday party (The big 4-0). Our old house looked exactly the same except that the shrubs out front is overgrown. Our old neighborhood looks exactly the same. Same people except for the new guy who took over our new house, Jessie.

About Jessie... He looked like he can easily be a male model. Or on a calender or something. He's very nice. He was still working when we came.

The birthday party was couple houses over, and there was a umm oh shoot, I forget the name. The big gigantic bouncy circle, where kids can jump on all day long? Abby had A BLAST on it!!! We ate Mexican food, apple cobbler, and visited with Jon's old neighbors.

It was really nice, until on our way home... UH-OH.... I got car sick... Stomach churning... When we got home, I ran into the house to the bathroom. Nothing happened. I felt better a bit since I wasn't moving (car sickness). Then I started the bedtime routine for Abby. Then by the time I put her down in her crib, I had to run to the bathroom. Needless to say, I lost all my Mexican and apple cobbler. I guess the baby didn't like it, pushed them back up.

Today, I ate nothing but corn flakes cereal. I was afraid to eat anything else or I may throw up again. Good ol' Kellogg Corn Flakes... I could live on it for the whole pregnancy. :-)

Anyway, the whole weekend I end up snapping at Jon for no reason. I had to explain it's just the damn hormones.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today sucks...

Well, I had a pretty good day at school but what happened after work sucked. First of all, I went to pick up Abby from daycare, then head down to downtown Olympia to drop off some fabric samples at the furniture store. I'll explain later...

Anyway, where was I? (I saw a UPS truck slowing down near my house and was wondering if it was for us)
ANYWAY, Abby and I walked back to my car and saw that our left front tire was as flat as a pancake. Damn... So I called Jon through my Sidekick, and he called his parents since they lived really close. They all came. An hour later, they were still struggling with the tire since the car is parked so close to the curb (not enough room to wiggle tire in and out). I took the carseat, put in Jon's car, so Abby and I went home. Abby was getting cranky.

Got home and cooked quick dinner. Put Abby to bed. Jon went to take the car to Costco to get a new tire. I am SO HOPING the tire center there is still open!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I don't know if you can see her picture clearly, but see her nose... I took it the day after the incident. As of today, the scabs are gone and her nose is pinkish. It's healing fast! Yayyy.

We tried on her Halloween costume tonight. She looks really cute in it! She refused to take it off once we put it on her. I had to bribe her to take it off and put pajamas on.

We went shopping for a new couch today. We saw couple we liked, but they all have their own pros and cons. We may have someone from the furniture store to help us find the right couch. We brought home some fabric samples and I ended up not liking any of them. (sighs)

Here's the pics of Abby!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


What a scare...
Erase that, what couple scares!

1. Abby's nose looked like she got a real, I mean a REAL BAD burn on her nose. All over her nose tissue. She woke up yesterday when I went to pick her up after work, and that's when we noticed her nose. We had absolutely no idea what happened. My mom-in-law was freaking out, thinking it may be some kind of infection or some flesh-eating bacteria, or something... When she said that, got me all freaked out too! So, they took her to the doctor today, and the doctor said, it's normal "burn" like a rug burn. Just put Neosporin on it. Should be better in a week or so. No worries. WHEW....

2. I had my 10 week check-up today. On my drive to the doctor's office, a huge storm moved in, with some lightening flashes. Eek! Does that mean anything???

Anywayyyyy, the doctor checked me out and said everything looked normal. Then she tried to detect the baby's heartbeat..... Nothing.... She looked grim.... She said she'll be right back... As I lay there on the table, I started to think scary thoughts... Uh-oh!!!!!!!

She came back and took me into an ultrasound room, and checked my stomach again. I got to see my little peanut... He/she is only 2 inches long. And I could see its heartbeat, thumbing away clearly. WHEWWWWW! What a huge relief. My doctor was relieved too.

SO, we came home pretty late, so I picked up some Chinese food for dinner and we kind of celebrated at our dining room table that we're all okay, and we're all healthy, spite all those scary moments we had today.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Morning Sickness

Seems I've been sick like a dog every other day. Food, even the mention of food...

Nights are the worse. If I ate a rather heavy dinner, then I'm miserable all night. Yesterday (Sunday), I was sick all day. I could barely eat anything. I tried crackers, something plain, but

You see why I don't spend much time on the computer. I've been busy being sick. Well, actually the more I think about it... When I'm sick, I don't clean or do anything around the house. I just stay in one spot until the nausea passes. And once it passes, I'm busy trying to catch up on housework. So it's either laying down or running around.

Once I finally finish housework, and I finally sit down to rest, Abby wants me to play with her. "Mommy's too tired..." I tell her, but she won't listen, so I gotta get up again and get worn out fast.

I am not looking forward being 7-8 months pregnant and hafta run around.

This pregnancy seems worse than my first one. More morning sickness, more fatigue. Does that mean it'll be a BOY????

My mom kept saying "twins?" Auggh, I hope not!!!!!!!!!

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary!

We just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary last Saturday (Sept 29). What we did was we went to Marysville, drop off Abby, then went to Tulalip Casino. They have a fine restaurant inside the Casino called "Tulalip Bay" I was expecting somewhat like a rib or steak restaurant... NOPE!

I was sooo taken back! And we LOVED IT!!!!!! Inside was so beautiful and so formal. I meant SO FORMAL. Our waiter sat us down, took the napkin, flicked it and laid it onto our laps. Then gave us a shrimp appetizer to start with. We didn't even ordered anything. We looked at the menu and ordered. I ordered Indian chicken, and Jon had lamb chops.

While we were waiting, they did a presentation in front of us, using gas burner, pan, and made us a pineapple flambe. What they did was put a pat of butter in the pan, let it melt, add pineapple chunks, Grand Mariner and light it on fire. When the fire died down, he put the pineapples onto our plates, and added fresh mint into the sauce in the pan and poured it over the pineapple. MMMMMM Delicious!!! And we didn't even order it.

Also, gave us fresh hot, hot bread with sweet butter mixed with lime juice, and I forget what else. My god, that was heaven.

Our dinner came. Jon was already in heaven with his lamb chops. I loved my Indian chicken. Yummmmmmm...

We wanted dessert too. Jon ordered a very expensive glass of dessert wine, and I decided to try out "Old Fashioned Root Beer Float" But it wasn't what I expected!!!! They used ginger ice cream in root beer, topped with whipped cream and chocolate stir stick. And on the side had a gingersnap cookie and a snickerdoodle cookie. My god... I was on cloud 9.

This is officially my favorite "fine restaurant"

And that's not all! (I do sound like an infomercial, do I?!?) When the bill came, they gave us individual packets of white chocolate bark with dried boysenberry. GOSH!

After dinner, we decided to try out the slot machines. Each of us had $10 to gamble with... Okay... within 15 minutes, I lost $10. Jon WON nearly $39!!! Damn him.... But of course, I "won" him... Hee hee hee.....

Jon's anniversary present to me was a very nice ($$$!) gold dragonfly brooch with Opal and Tanzanie setting. My present to him was his watch, and dinner.

What a wonderful anniversary!!!