Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is TOO TRUE

This is actually an "Oxymoron." And it explains Abby perfectly to a "T."
She is growing up so fast, but yet, it takes me forever to get her ready/ etc because she wants to do it all by herself. LOL!!! I just had to share....

Football Nut!

Silly girl. Jon bought a Seahawks jersey, and Abby saw it laying on our bed. She REALLLLLLY wanted to wear it! So I slipped it on her. She was all smiles. She kept signing "Football nut... Football nut.... Football nut!" I didn't realize she knew these words. She's way too smart than I realize. She's now signing in full sentences. Like, I asked where her milk was. She said (and signed) "Abby's milk is on top of the toy box." Whoa!

Here's the pic of her in the Seahawks jersey!

I finally took pictures of our "new" furniture. A certain person (you know who you are) been buggin' me to post them. :-) So, here you go!!!!

The family room feels updated. The chairs may look too formal but they're quite comfy after a while. The couch, Abby likes to lay on it and snuggle with one of the pillows. I did find laying on it more comfy than sitting upright. HA!

New fridge. Our old one was a standard freezer above fridge type. Cheap and annoying at times.
Now we have side-by-side fridge with its own filtered water and ice dispenser. Whoo hoo! It even have a "milk compartment" inside the door that even have its own cold air blowing into it, keeping it ice cold. We absolutely love it. I couldn't imagine we lived with our old fridge for so long.
We also got few other furniture, like lamps, side table, etc, and they're upstairs in our new guest bedroom.
Come on over and visit!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Every 11 days?

I guess I post a new blog every 11 days? That's bad... I gotta do it more often, but with Abby's attraction to play with the computer, prevented me to go to the computer until she's in bed. And by time she's in bed, I'm pooped...

But today's different -- I put her to bed at 12:45 for her nap. I cleaned around the house, then decided to take a cat nap at 2:00 --Figuring Abby will wake me up when she's done with her nap. I woke up at 3:50 and saw that I was asleep for nearly 2 hours! That meant Abby was sleeping for 3 hours straight! (Never been that long. Usually 1-2 hour nap) Whoa! So I ran into her room to see if she's ok. She was groggy and still wanted to sleep, pulled the blanket over her head. I checked her forehead and she was fine. She got up few minutes later. I think the extra hour may be good because she have been having a "cough" for last few days.

So, I'm really wide awake now....

Let's see... Our neighborhood had quite a scare this afternoon. In the open field next to our house, I saw a blue bike laying in the grass, and helmet next to the bike. I didn't think much of it. I thought our neighbor boys were just playing around. They always leave their bikes all over the neighborhood. So I went on with my business.

Then at 5 o'clock, Jon asked me if I saw the bike. I said, "yeah? Probaby next door's." He said, "a boy may have been abducted!" I said, "our neighbor?" He said "no, it's a different house. A boy, about 8 years old, blond with crew cut. His dad found the bike at 4 PM. He's now asking around with his photo." Then I looked outside and saw the dad walking around, door to door, asking. And two sheriff cars showed up. I told Jon to tell him that I saw the bike at around 10-12 this morning.

ANYWAY, about an hour later, the dad came back and said the boy's been found. The boy have been walking and walking and walking down the road, nearly 3 miles away! Whew. We were very relieved he was found safe. I'm sure the boy's home, but grounded for sure!

Also, today, we got new love seat, two chairs, a small bookshelf and a nice fridge! The fridge is side by side with water and ice dispenser. It was Grandmas. All the furniture we got today was from Grandmas. My friend picked up our old loveseat and chair since they were a bit oversized for our family room. Now with these different furniture, the room feels so different. I still haven't gotten used to it yet.

What else? My pregnancy. 9 weeks now. Been pretty much sick or not sick. I have not puked once but the food kept going up and down like an elevator in me. It does get annoying. I've noticed I have to keep in between these fine lines of not eating enough (or i'll feel sick and woozy) and eating too much (food going up and down, feel sick and bloated). I found out that just eating small snacks every 2 hours instead of meals help. Any cravings? None really. Maybe not wanting so much chocolate like before.

Ok, signing off now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My, what a transformation

We have been trying to clean out Jon's grandma's condo. She had a lot of stuff. But a lot of good furniture!

So, Jon and I are slowly changing out our furniture. New lamps, some new small tables, a full-size bed with nice iron headboard. (Abby will use it when the baby comes)

Soon, we'll rent a U-Haul and get a better fridge, and a love seat with couple arm chairs. They're generally smaller scale than our massive overstuffed loveseat and chair. They should fit into our family room better.

We have been slowly explaining about "Grandma Great" to Abby but we know she doesn't fully understand. She did ask about her yesterday, and Jon said she's in heaven. She doesn't know what heaven is. We'll explain later when she asks for more information.

Yesterday was Grandma's memorial. A lot of people came. It was good. I think it was a nice closure. Abby just sat on my lap and shouted some words during the service. The pastor said she can talk all she wants because he knew that Grandma would always let her talk.

Been on an emotional roller coaster for the last few weeks. I think it's mainly because of my pregnancy hormones, Abby's turning 2, grandma dying, and dealing with her things, going back to work, doctor appointments, sometimes it's just too much all at once. I have been falling back on keeping tabs with friends. Sorry, folks!!!

I am 7.5 weeks pregnant, and I can REALLY FEEL it. I feel like throwing up but never did. I never know what I'm in the mood to eat. Maybe one bite then I'll not eat the rest. Maybe one bite and I'll devour the whole thing. Never know!

Our guest room is really complete. Anyone who wants to spend the night, is more than welcome to take advantage of our beautiful guest room. FYI, in 7 months, it'll be totally different. Jon wants to move Abby to the guest room, and I said 'No." Abby's room is Abby's room. period. He grumbled because he didn't want to take apart the bed then move it to Abby's room then take apart the crib and take it to the guest room.... I understand his frustration, but, ABBY'S ROOM IS ABBY'S ROOM! So, PHHT. I'll take the bed and crib apart if I have to.

Ok, I should go to bed. I have a doctors' appointment in the morning. My first one for this pregnancy, one of many appointments... This appointment is just all talk. No checking or anything. Just asking about my medical and family history, if I wanted to take this or that tested (HIV, some diseases, some birth defects cells, etc.). Then discuss my pregnancy plan.

Good Night!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Psst... wanna know a secret?

Abby will be a big sister come late April! :-)

Abby's 2!

Abby had a great 2nd birthday. Lots of people, came. Lots of presents! BIG CAKE. We still have about 1/3 of it still! I put it in the freezer. I think her favorite part was doing the bubbles with all other kids. She slept GOOD that night. Then the next day, she had to play with all her new toys. Wowie. Happy Birthday, little one.