Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Whoa... Summer's ending?!?

I cannot believe I go back to work next Tuesday. I'm actually a bit looking forward to it. I like normalcy of getting up at same time, go to work and feel useful. Get a bit of exercise!

I felt like I've been a couch potato all summer, but actually, I've been amazily busy. You won't believe how fast those days get filled up with stuff like playdates, library toddler-time, appointments, free movies, meeting some friends, shopping, and lots of odd errands.

Now I know I'm going back to normal work hours -- my biggest question is that will I have enough time to do stuff after work? sheesh....

I'm sure everything will work out and everything will fall into its place.


Been few days since my last blog, eh?
Let's see... Abby and I went up to Marysville on Monday morning because my mom wanted us to come to the funeral on Tuesday. Her brothers and sisters were flying in and will go to Marysville.

Uncle Bob, Uncle Dick, Uncle Russ, Aunt Jean, and Aunt Carol arrived at around 10:45 PM on Monday night. Abby was already asleep. So we all went to bed.

The next morning, we had a good reunion over pancakes and bacon. Abby was a huge hit with them. She loved yelling "UNCLE BOB!" and called my uncle Dick as "UNCLE DUCK!"

Then we went to the most beautiful Catholic church near U-District called "Blessed Sacrament." It was just like all Catholic churches in movies. The sun was shining through those stained glass masterpieces. Candles lit in dark alcoves. Smell of old building and burning wax. Wow...

The funeral started and the priest spoke, and since the church was so huge and tall, there was loud echos, and I think Abby got spooked. She started screaming. I had to whisk her away out. I took her to the car, and she couldn't calm down. I waited about 10 minutes to see if she'll retain her posture. Nope. She was in total melt-down. So, I texted my sister inside the church and said Abby and I are going home. Sorry.

So, on our way home, Abby instantly fell asleep. We didn't sleep good the night before so we were VERY tired.

Today, we just stayed home and took extra long naps. It sure helped. I just hope my mom isn't too upset that we left so sudden.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a week...

This week have been a weird week. Jon's grandma died on Wednesday (I'm not gonna go into details or I'll have nightmares again). Then Thursday was kind of when the shock settles in. Everyone was numb and sad.

Friday: Jon had to get his big screen TV. Then we had to go to Seattle for Steve's rehearsal. Jon's in the wedding party. We got there late due to traffic. Jon and I were still grieving, but did our best not to show anyone. We spent the night at Jon's brother's house (mere minutes away from wedding).

Saturday morning, we went to IHOP's then to the wedding site. The wedding went off without a hitch, but it still felt very surreal to me. Then at reception, my mom emailed me that my uncle Walt died Saturday morning -- no cause known. I felt horrible. I had to grin and bear it all through the reception.

This week alone -- Life, Death and Love.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Grandma Died.

Sad news today. Our beloved grandma passed away sometime last night. She was 82, I believe. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in April and went downhill from there.
The last time she babysat Abby was less than two weeks ago. I hope she had a good time with Abby.
Here is her last picture I ever took of her. It was on July 4, 2007.
Grandma "Great" and Abby was basically best friends since Abby was born. She babysat Abby two to three days a week, and adored every minute of it.
Right now, Abby is taking her nap. I am terrified to hear "Where's Great?" spoken from her lips. Jon said, just be honest, "She died." And we will have to constantly remind her how she and "Great" were best friends.
Now she's with Grandpa in heaven. Bless her soul.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

IKEA and Birthday Planning...

We went to Dollar Tree in Lacey (it's the biggest there), and showed Abby the paper plates. She immediately pointed to ELMO. Of course.... So I grabbed Sesame Street paperplates. I didn't go for the cups because it looked too umm, what's the word? BORING. It lacked bright colors. So I went for different cups that looked similar to the colors on the plates.

Jon HAD to get a cap gun at the dollar store. It sure brought him memories when he was a little kid playing with his cap gun. I think that's funny! When he "fired" it, and a little smoke came out and I sniffed the smoke and I remember my own childhood. My cousin, Tim, used to bang on the caps with a rock in the backyard of his house, making loud noises.

Anyway, I really wanted to find a roll of craft paper so I can tape it down on our coffee table, and Abby can scrawl on it as much as she could, and it'll be good for her birthday party too. Anyone can doodle on it. IKEA have it!!! I looked up on their website.

IKEA... One of my favorite stores. I rarely go there, but when I do, I have a field day there. I'm going tomorrow with couple of my friends for lunch. I'm gonna get the swedish meatballs!!
My List so far:
MALA drawing paper roll - $7
Dog Food Dishes - $2
MULA Stack and Nest cups- $3
KALAS Tumblers- $1.50
KALAS Plates - $1.50
Paper Napkins- $2
Alarm Clock - $1
Duck greeting cards (I'm gonna frame them and hang in Abby's bathroom)-$4
SKAKIS Timer (For Abby's TIMEOUTS!) -$2
Swedish Meatballs -$ ??

Watch out IKEA-- Here we come. One of my friends said she needs a VAN with no backseats. And she's really serious. I'm wondering what she's planning on getting. Our kids will be left with a babysitter. Abby will be with grandma.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Potty Training

I'm sooo proud of Abby! This Thursday, I decided to spend all day teaching Abby what Potty Training is all about. I put her potty out in the family room so she can sit there anytime (and
not be bored). She sat there for good 20 minutes, and she went pee-pee! I was so proud of her. I appraised and gave her a sticker. She was proud too.

Two hours later, I put her there again. She didn't go. Drats. After her nap, I put her there again, and she went! Yayyyy. I put her back after dinner and it took about 25 minutes and she went.
THIRD time in one day. Wow, what an accomplishment.

Yesterday (Friday), I asked her if she wanted to go potty. She said no. I respected that. The last thing I wanted was to push her too far. I know she's not 100% ready. But now she knows why the potty is there for. I'm sure she'll impress me once again soon.


Abby and I went to the zoo last Wednesday. We went with Liz and Kenzie, met up with Heather and her two kids, Skyler and Tasia. First, we saw zebras. Kenzie and Abby were so in awe. Saw Gazelles and Abby kept saying 'Deer!'

Then saw giraffes. Kids were, 'ehhh'. Saw sleeping Hippos, and a lion sitting on a large rock. Went to the Butterfly exhibit. The kids liked it. Looked at penguins, and then to the cafe for lunch.

I couldn't believe how expensive food were. Should have brought food but I didn't want to haul heavy bag all over the park plus a toddler who doesn't want to sit in her stroller.

After lunch, we got ice cream! The kids loved it. They had ice cream dripping all over themselves. Skyler and Tasia were covered in chocolate. Abby was covered in orange. Kenzie was actually a clean eater!

Saw snakes, birds, fish, and GORILLA. The gorilla was right there next to the glass. The kids got a huge kick out of it. Sooo close!

Then went to the merry-go-around. It was obviously the kids' favorite part of the day. Abby was grinning ear to ear.

When Abby and I started going home. She fell asleep within few minutes. She was TIRED.

It was a fun day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Abby had fun doing this! Jon took good pictures. I wanted something creative for her birthday invitation cards. I ended up using this picture because she was smiling while pointing to Nikki when she was pulling up in her car!

So, this is me if I was an Simpson... Whatcha think?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I fell in love with this website!!!!
You see, I wanted to make an unique birthday invitation for Abby's birthday. So, a simple postcard, right? I'd like a photo on front and details on back.

Tried the Photo dept of I wasn't that pleased with it. I'd have to order it, and when it comes here, I'll have to write down everybody's address and put stamps on it (more money).

So, I did some research and MY GOD... THIS IS SOOO PERFECT! I designed the postcard, and uploaded the addresses of whom I want to send it to. And it's already postage-paid! One click and they're in the mail. Whoo-hoo!!!

I even sent myself a card to see how the quality is. So, it should be here on Tuesday. Hope it looks good!!!

I'm back again. Sheesh... I'm getting hooked... I just sent an anniversary postcard...

Saturday, August 11, 2007


A pic of the Jamician drum band. Sorry if the pic is so dark, it's

Wow, what a party!

I thought a normal neighborhood party on East Bay Drive (where my
in-laws live).
Cielo Blu catered! One of my favorite restaurants. Very expensive.
"Painkillers" were served! Also, one of my favorite mixed drinks. (4
parts pineapple juice, 1 part coconut milk, 1 part orange juice, and rum
to taste)
Had jamician drum band. I would have taken their picture but they're on
a break right now.
Awesome. What a nice night and I'm totally stuffed.

Bucket o' tears

I had to cry... I was at the Sept '05 mommies forum and there was one lady whos' friend was in a terrible car wreck. The friend was 9 months pregnant, and the car hit the passenger side, injuring the woman.
Nearly died at the hospital, they tried to save the baby, but he died. The woman had to have hysterectomy to save her life, among other things. Her husband basically walked away.

ETA: I guess the link helps. then you will have to type in "dleenepeet" where it says Visit a Website on the left hand side.

The baby looked so perfect. What really hits me is seeing the dad sobbing while holding the baby. SOOO SAD!! I just had to cry. I wish I never saw it... (sighs)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wow... This is sooo cooooool.

I can actually type my blogs on my Sidekick and email it to and it'll automatically publish it onto my blogger. No need to sign on my computer.

I still have funky gunk in my lungs. Been trying to cough it out. I may need that Mucus-X medication after all...

I met one of the potential daycares for Abby today. Her name is Maria, and she reminded me soooo much like my sister. She was warm and inviting. I think we really hit it off immediately. Abby seemed to really like her too. The awkward part, in the back of my head is this: "I still don't know much about her!" Yes, I want the best for Abby.

I'm running out of daycare options.
Kindercare: Full time only.
Stepping Stones: Full time only.
Patti's (Abby was with her last spring): No longer accepts part-time.
OCCC: never called or emailed me back. I've put my name down on their waiting list 4 times! The first time was when I was 6 months pregnant.

So, you see my hassle. I didn't realize how hard it is to find a part-time daycare. I almost thought about hiring a nanny, but you know how much they cost? Nearly $10 an hour, if not more. Yikes! Besides, I'd rather have Abby socialize with other kids instead of being alone all day with an adult.

School starts in less than a month! But I'm just finally getting into my 'zone'! Sheesh. On the other hand, it'll be nice to get back into routine.


See this: two of my angels sleeping together on the couch!

And what's wrong with this picture? Sheesh, an 85 pound DOG crushing my hubby!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Feel Human Again!

Had a quite a good time with my mom in the last two days. I went up on Tuesday morning. We planned on going to La Conner, but I was still feeling somewhat miserable with my cold. So we decided to keep traveling to a minimum since I just drove two hours. We hung around the house while Abby took a nap. Then we went to Everett Mall to see what's new... nothing new. Went to Trader Joe's and I went crazy. I absolutely love Trader Joe's. We do not have one in Olympia (I've emailed the headquarters at least 5 times!).

Today, we went to a petting farm in Forest Park in Everett. It was a bit rainy and cold. But Abby had fun watching all the ducks swim. "Ducks Swim! Ducks Swim!" she'll say... Looked at other animals, but Abby kept going back to watch the ducks. At one point the ducks were out of their pond. Abby kept saying "Go Swim, ducks!"

Then we went to Liz's house to drop off Kenzie's belated birthday gifts, and we ended up going to a local mexican restaurant and chatted our butts off.

Got home at 8:00. And realized my cold is finally gone! Just occassional cough here and there, but I feel like human again!

Unfortunelly-- Jon got my cold !!! He woke up this morning with same sore throat.
Oh wellllll, that's how life works.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Strange sight today

Jon and I were driving down a very steep hill in Olympia, and we saw a batter-powered wheelchair with a scawny guy in it. He was chugging uphill at a very slow pace.
Jon and I looked at each other and basically said the same thing "I hope he have enough battery power to get to the top of the hill!"


Took this picture on my Sidekick. She looked cute, sitting quietly next to Abby's high chair... hoping Abby would drop some food for her.... Sitting quietly like a good girl.

Sick Week

Thursday morning, hit hard with sore throat. Felt like acid was poured down my throat and remained there, brewing. I had a hard time swallowing water when I popped in couple aspirin. I began to feel worse throughout the day. I felt bad for Abby. I would rather lay on the couch all day, and Abby wanted to play. So, she got mad at me a lot.

Friday came. I still felt horrible. I was dragging myself around. My head felt like it weigh 100 pounds and I can't keep it up. My eyeballs hurt from sleeping a lot. Pounding headaches.

Saturday. Abby had a pool party to go to this afternoon... I was so determined to get better so she can go. I slept a lot in the morning, took a long shower. Felt good! Got out, put on nice clothes. Still feel good! Yay... Until I went downstairs and a humonus headache hit me. Uggghhhhhh... I sat on the couch and got into a fetal position. I felt so horrible. I was ashamed I was sick and couldn't take Abby there. So, we didn't go. :-(

Sunday (today). I woke up, hoping I'll feel better...... So far, I had to blow my nose a million times plus two. Some coughing. No more headaches! My head felt lighter. I'm getting over this! Wow! I've stayed home for 3 days straight. I'm going SHOPPING!
So, I told Jon I want to go here and there. We had fun. Bought few things. Yayy I'm better again. My world is back.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My baby's a big baby!

Today was fun. Abby and I went to Kent to see Liz, Heather (visiting from Maryland), and her family. We met at Liz's house, then went to Redondo beach. It was so awesome! The sidewalk is like boardwalk, and the sand runs underneath, so it's like instant shade area for beachcombers. I wish we had that here in Olympia. Anyway, there was 4 toddlers with us. Three of them went right to the water and started playing in the water. Abby wouldn't even go near the water. (sighs) I tried to coax her to come in. "too cold... too cold....nononononono" she says. So, she clung on me like a small monkey. I had my feet in the water, and I seriously thought about shaking her off and let her fall into the water, but that would be too mean.
We got fish n' chips and went back to Liz's house and chatted over cupcakes and ice cream. Abby and I didnt' get home until 9:45 tonight. Abby didn't fall asleep on our way home! woah... maybe she was too tired to fall asleep? Strange or not, that happens.

We're going to Auburn for a birthday party this Saturday, and it's at a house with a pool. I HOPE Abby will finally agree to go into a pool there. I don't want to have her clinging on me like a monkey again while my feet's in the water.